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Featured Indie Book: Errors of Omission (Mukund Gnanadesikan)


rrors of Omission (Mukund Gnanadesikan)Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Psychological Fiction Novel Errors of Omission by Mukund Gnanadesikan.

Errors of Omission is a humanist contemporary fiction. It centers around the intersecting lives of Raj Patel, an ascending doctor, and Irina Petrova, an aspiring Russian vocalist. This novel intends to provoke the reader into considering the possible life stories of those individuals they may have previously chosen to ignore. 

The Book has been self-published via Adelaide Books and is available as Paperback - 2340 pages - released in November 2020.

About the Book

Two people from disparate backgrounds are thrown together by circumstance when new ER physician Dr. Raj Patel and homeless aspiring singer Irina Petrova unexpectedly cross paths.

Fleeing the Russian sex trade, Irina lands in New York with her father. When her brittle health takes a turn for the worse, she is rushed to the hospital where Raj admits her to the intensive care unit. Raj is calm in the face of illness, accustomed to seeing trauma from afar, but he unravels when he sees his parents die in the same ICU after a car crash.

With Irina’s health improving, she returns to life on the streets with her father, never expecting to see the doctor again. But after Raj falls into a catastrophic depressive spiral, his promising future crumbles. Rendered homeless, he and Irina find each other once again. Afflicted with the memory of mutual tragedies, they find comfort in each other as they struggle with grief, trauma, and falling from grace. Together they discover the healing power of love in the face of trauma and loss.

rrors of Omission (Mukund Gnanadesikan)
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About the Author

Author Mukund Gnanadesikan
Author Mukund Gnanadesikan

Mukund Gnanadesikan's 
poetry and short stories have been published in Ayaskala, The Bangalore Review, Calliope on the Web, The Cape Rock, Cathexis Northwest, Meniscus Literary Journal, Blood and Thunder, Kreaxxxion Review, New Verse News, Saccharine Poetry, Dreams Walking, and Praxis, among others. 

He is a proud alumnus of Princeton University, and practices psychiatry in Napa, CA.

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rrors of Omission (Mukund Gnanadesikan)

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