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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New Indie Book Release: Wife, Widow, Now What? (Rachel Engstrom)

New Indie Book Release:
Wife, Widow, Now What? How I Navigated the Cancer World and How You Can, Too Rachel Engstrom
Memoir/Self-Help (345 Pages - September 2020)

Wife, Widow, Now What? chronicles Rachel’s journey using her narrative along with original Facebook, CaringBridge and Instagram posts, while giving resources on how to navigate cancer diagnosis, treatment, insurance, disability, finances, health care directives, emotions, patient and caregiver self-care and support, and much more.

About the Book

Wife, Widow, Now What? (Rachel Engstrom)
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“Some days I think that if I didn't have "Grayson" tattooed on my wrist, I'd never believe that it happened. When I think back on the girl who went through everything in this book...I cannot believe she faced and tackled so many fires and wars and still came out on the other side."

When Rachel was 28 years old, her husband was diagnosed with leukemia. What they thought was the flu after working too many hours, turned out to be the life altering illness that would forever change everything they knew. Rachel became a cancer wife, manager, team cheerleader and expert juggler at life, while supporting her husband throughout his illness, until he died two days after she turned 31. She had to reboot her life and learn how to start over as a widow, without a map or guidebook to lead her. Rachel's humor, moxie and faith helped get her through the cancer world, and survive the calamity of errors that kept-on coming after he died. She fought tooth and nail to survive and is thankful for everything that brought her to present day, despite how hard it was to get there. 

She wishes she had had this advice and a story to reference when she was in the jungles of her cancer life and widowhood. Her hope is to provide you with some laughter, comfort, solace and guidance on your own journey, whether it be through the world of cancer, or any other life challenges.

This is the first of its kind to be written in this hybrid style of a memoir and self-help by a cancer spouse/significant other for other spouses/significant others or those navigating the cancer process.

In addition Rachel includes all the music she listened to during her journey, if you'd like to make a playlist for your reading pleasure.

About the Author

Author Rachel Engstrom
Author Rachel Engstrom
Rachel Engstrom lives in the Twin Cities, has a Master degree in Social Work and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. 

She has worked in mental healthcare the past twelve years and enjoys advocating for and helping others. 

Wife, Widow, Now What? How I Navigate the World of Cancer and How You Can, Too has been a labor of love and at times a bit of PTSD, as she relived her cancer wife then widow journey in order to help those going through what she did in the past. 

Rachel dreams of a world without cancer, but in the meantime strives to advocate and educate those going through their cancer and/or grief and loss journeys to know they are not alone and that there is support out there.

Connect with Rachel Engstrom on the Author's Facebook Page
and on Twitter: @wifewidownowwh1

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