Tuesday, October 20, 2020

New Indie Book Release: A Whistle on the Waves (K.M. Woods)

New Indie Book Release:
A Whistle on the Waves - K.M. Woods
Historical Fiction / War and Military  (193 Pages - October 2020)

A Whistle on the Waves starts as an adventure story where the sole conflict is presented by the setting (the deep south of the Civil War is not fond of Irish immigrants fighting for the Union) and then...life strikes. As it does, boom. The dark tricks of the human mind begin... 

About the Book

A Whistle on the Waves (K.M. Woods)
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War has a distinct way of crushing the human spirit, especially when the war is not your own.

Brady Gallagher and Shane Connell never knew they’d be sailors in the Union Navy. They only departed their native Ireland to escape the rot of famine, in search of a life they’d, once again, call prosperous. 

But the lands of America, shredded by the Civil War, offered a different reality. 

They will discover in their trials that friendship and love can drive hope, even in the most destitute of circumstances. 

Brady’s life changes forever when he meets a beautiful creole woman named Gabrielle.

About the Author

Author K.M. Woods
Author K.M. Woods

K.M. Woods is a new American author, playwright, and poet born and raised in New Orleans. 

He is the writer of the Civil War novel A Whistle on the Waves and the short story The Trouble With Dead Terriers. He lives in Austin, Texas. 

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