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Featured Indie Book: The Eighth Titan (Zach Jordan)

The Eighth Titan (Zach Jordan)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Epic Fantasy Novel The Eighth Titan by Zach Jordan.

The Eighth Titan is about an 18-year-old trying to save the world, it's about struggling to place allegiance properly, studying something you have no hope of understanding, and fighting to protect the fragility of life by crushing that very thing. Beyond all that, it's about a metaphysically dualistic world, moral ambiguity, and pontifications on the purpose in a life.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 903 pages - released in May 2020.

About the Book

Magic is quite unlike how the storybooks describe it—it’s cryptic, impenetrable, and has been illegal for over seven hundred years. And yet, the last of a dying race has prophesied this to be the only way to stop an ancient evil, that which was sealed away a millennium ago by seven titans: the Eighth, a nefarious being intent only on bending the realm to its cruel subjugation.

To make matters worse, the realm’s history is all but unknown. Information on the titans is scarce, and there exist no accounts describing how they sealed the Eighth originally. Not to mention, the magical ‘arts,’ taught in ancient tomes inherited across generations by the politicians of today, seem to raise questions more than answer them. Our young hero finds himself confused and disoriented, mentally taxed by his studies and a realm that appears more chaotic and violent with each passing day. Even those closest to his heart are transformed by the journey, forever marked by misdeeds committed and suffered through.

The Eighth Titan (Zach Jordan)
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This is Jack’s story—it is a story of growing up, of a crumbling world direly needing strength, of love and hatred intertwined in passionate bonds, of the cyclical deaths and rebirths all find themselves within, of realizing how much must be sacrificed for what he fights to protect. It is his story, and it is everyone’s story.

About the Author

Author Zach Jordan
Author Zach Jordan

Zach Jordan is a 23-year-old Author with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy, with a minor in Mathematics. He studied at Hofstra University in New York, and was born, raised, and currently lives in the DFW area of Texas.

His other areas of interest include card games and visual design--as such, the cover was made by the author!

The Author looks forward to connect with readers via Twitter or Email.

Links to the Book and the Author

Connect with the Author on Twitter: @zja_official

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Link to the eBook The Eighth Titan on Amazon

The Eighth Titan (Zach Jordan)

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