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Featured Indie Book: My Journey to the Ocean (Lena Mikado)

My Journey to the Ocean (Lena Mikado)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Philosophical Romance Novel My Journey to the Ocean by Lena Mikado.

My Journey to the Ocean is a coming-of-age novel based on a true story. It’s a story about falling in and out of love, about making difficult choices when trusting the voice of your heart, about traveling the world and how it changes your perception of reality.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 372 pages - released in February 2015.

About the Book

Elena knows what she wants from life. Her whole picture-perfect existence is planned out and allows for no deviation. She is engaged to be married and intends to be happy.

Along with three of her girlfriends, she leaves her home in Russia to take a summer trip across the ocean, to St. Simons Island, Georgia, United States. Pool parties, vodka watermelons and the eternal question - to shag or not to shag.

Her whole world is about to be rock-n-rolled, and she will have to face a pretty hard choice. It all sounds like a setup for a summer-fling novel, but can our dreams manifest in the physical world or does Miss Real Life have something more conniving under her sleeve?

Are there happy endings in real life?

My Journey to the Ocean (Lena Mikado)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] I loved the writer's astute observations on life, relationships, love. They come up suddenly and unexpectedly and truly blew me away. That was one mature twenty-year old. The happy end was also heart-clenching.
I highly recommend this fun and light read."
- Maria M (Amazon)

- "I love this book, I enjoyed it immensely- all of the "characters" aroused a subtle reminder to find meaning in everyday life. AND...the moral of the story? Ironically is, - 'No one can save you, but yourself' [...]" - Emma L. Waters

- "I really enjoyed the book, read the whole thing on 2 flights and couldn’t wait to see what happened. It’s a beautiful love story, makes you nostalgic for your teenage years and miss those love butterflies. Thank you for sharing your story!" - Olga Getsina

- "I loved her willingness to make fun of herself and her deeper observations on life. This is a fun read for those who seek love, meaning, and adventure." - CJ (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Lena Mikado
Author Lena Mikado
As a girl growing up in Voronezh, Russia, Lena Mikado loved the Southern classic novel Gone with the Wind so much so that she now lives with her husband and 3 children in the sunny Golden Isles of Georgia, and she strongly suspects that her fascination with the work of Margaret Mitchell had a great deal to do with how her life unfolded. Writing about the magic way fiction and reality tend to interweave in our everyday lives has become Lena’s true motivation on her creative journey.

When not busy writing, she loves learning French, traveling the world with her family, belly-dancing and enjoying an occasional glass of wine in her lovely back yard.

Lena writes tongue-in-cheek, reality-based novels that take the reader on an enjoyable trip all around the world that are full of colorful, thought-provoking reflections on the matters that preoccupy most of us every minute of our lives: relationships, parenthood and trying to live in the present moment—all of that with a splash of delicious, flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants humor splashed on top. My Journey to the Ocean and A Year in the Sky are the first two novels of the All Colors of the Rainbow series, and they are now available from all major online bookstores. Lena is currently working on her third and final novel in the series—titled It's All About Love.

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My Journey to the Ocean (Lena Mikado)

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