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New Indie Book Release: Soul Dark - Chosen (E. L. Reedy & A. M. Wade)

New Indie Book Release:
Soul Dark: Chosen - E.L. Reedy & A. M. Wade
YA Contemporary Fantasy (236 Pages - April 2019)

Soul Dark: Chosen is a coming of age story, where Lukas, the main character, does not realize the neighbor girl is madly in love with him. His family is very old and filled with the warmth and love of farming families. He practices magic and serves and ancient Goddess, and though he doesn't realize it until the end, he is the pawn in an ancient game between two warring deities.

About the Book

Soul Dark - Chosen (E. L. Reedy & A. M. Wade)
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War is coming between Lukas’ Goddess and an ancient Demon Lord. But the death of his parents shakes his faith, and with the loss of his remaining family it is shattered. Blinded by rage, Lukas turns away from his friends and trains under a deceptive, yet formidable master to hone his magic and prevent the demon’s final objective--obliteration of all life on earth.

War begins! A forged weapon, Lukas rejoins his friends and sets after the Demon King. From a hidden crypt, where evil lies waiting, to the Iowa countryside, they battle to prevent the end of all they know. Lukas must overcome his doubts and allow the Light to work through him--to defeat both the foe of his Goddess and a new more familiar one.

Soul Dark: Chosen is a coming of age tale in the modern-day world when a war between ancient deities and demons culminates in a winner-takes-all battle that could determine the fate of all mankind.

About the Author

Author E.L. Reedy
Author E. L. Reedy
E.L. Reedy was born and raised in Iowa, where he devoured tomes of fantasy, sci-fi, and young adult novels as a child.

In his free time, he is an avid gamer (D&D and Pathfinder).

He has traveled the world as a soldier in the U.S. Army, and now lives in Iowa, where with his writing partner, he continues to pen works in the realms of Fantasy and Horror in the Young Adult Universe.

Author A M. Wade
Author A M. Wade
A. M. Wade was born the only girl in a family with five boys, she readily escaped into fantasy, sci-fi, and other fiction novels.

Having traveled through most of the US, she enjoys using scenery and characteristics of the different states in the story adventures she created for the little ones in her family.

Now, she writes sci-fi, fantasy and horror with a lifelong co-conspirator.

Connect with E.L. Reedy via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @AuthorELR

Connect with A. M. Wade via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @keysmomma

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