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Featured Indie Book: Midnight Black - The Purge (R.J. Eastwood)

Midnight Black - The Purge (R.J. Eastwood)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Suspense Thriller Midnight Black - The Purge by R.J. Eastwood.

Midnight Black - The Purge is about a man released from prison to a society on the verge of destructions and how he finds himself embroiled in a wild conspiracy.

The Book has been self-published via Media Entertainment, Inc. and is available as eBook, Audio-Book and Paperback - 258 pages - released in February 2019.

About the Book

DEA Agent Billy Russell executed a man for committing a heinous crime against him and is sentenced to 20 years hard labor.

Without explanation, he’s paroled 5 years early. An isolated nuclear attack has spread primal fear of a nuclear holocaust. Autocratic billionaires have convinced the world the only solution is to form a one-world government. Their self-serving, authoritarian, faulty economic policies lead to a populace living in poverty, crime, disease, and rampant drug addiction.

As a condition of his parole, Billy is assigned to a clandestine government assassination squad whose job is to eliminate political trouble makers. Billy is approached by dissidents planning to overthrow the authoritarian government. He joins them to end the demonic reign of tyranny only to become embroiled in the wildest conspiracy he could have ever imagined.

Midnight Black - The Purge (R.J. Eastwood)
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Review (Excerpt)

- "I found Midnight Black to be intelligently written, witty when it needed to be, with a finely crafted cast of characters - some likeable, some not so much - and an ending I never saw coming… and neither will you.” Highly recommended[...]" - Sean Murphy

- "What a great read. A compelling story that moves along at a suspenseful pace yet is so believable, it was scary. Once I began I had difficulty putting the book down. It was a real page turner with a great surprise ending. 5 stars" - (Amazon)

- "[...] powerful novel that will resonate; there are many parallels that reminded me of the world we presently inhabit. If you, like me, believe big business is getting too big, then this well-crafted story will remind you of what can happen when we don’t remain vigilant." - KDW (Amazon)

About the Author

Author R.J. Eastwood
Author R.J. Eastwood
Robert J. Emery writes under the pen name R.J. Eastwood. Over his long career as a member of the Directors Guild of America, he has written, produced, and directed both feature films and television programming and everything in between. His production work has garnered him over 75 industry awards along the way. To date, Mr. Emery has published seven books, four of which were nonfiction based on his Starz/Encore television series “The Directors.” His first novel (as Robert J. Emery) was chosen as one of the top five finalists in the Next Generation Indie Books Awards.

In the Fall of 2017, he published the science fiction adventure “The Autopsy of Planet Earth.” It was awarded the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Gold Award for Science Fiction, the 2018 Book Talk Radio Book of the Year, and the 2017 Authors Circle First Place Award for Fiction.

When not writing, Mr. Emery can be found in the kitchen creating and preparing sumptuous Italian meals. He credits his culinary expertise to his Sicilian mother, who took the time to teach him to cook.

Visit Mr. Emery’s author web site to learn more about his background as a writer/director in the entertainment industry as well as his book writing. He enjoys hearing from readers and encourages them to connect with him through his (where there is an email address) as well as his social media sites.

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Midnight Black - The Purge (R.J. Eastwood)

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