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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Indie Book Release: Voices from the Ledge (J T Fisher)

New Indie Book Release:
Voices from the Ledge - J T Fisher
Women's Fiction (170 Pages - December 2018)

Voices from the Ledge is like a daytime soap opera, where you can lose yourself in the troubles and successes of the characters, but at the same time be inspired by them enough to do some soul searching yourself.

About the Book

Voices from the Ledge (J T Fisher)
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Have you ever felt so desperate or so depressed that you felt like giving up? Be honest.

Now, did you ever say to yourself, “I’m probably worth more dead than alive”?

Julie suffered from empty nest syndrome. She had been forced into early retirement while her husband had hit the pinnacle of his career. She was lost. What she didn’t know was that her desperation was normal.

But Julie had a plan. She was going to end her misery; however, in the execution of it, a remarkable thing happened. At a hotel, she met four women who were on a girls’ getaway. They had a very strange impact on her.

There’s a lot to chew on here, but with a good strong message and a unique outcome.

About the Author

Author J T Fisher
Author J T Fisher
With a degree in journalism and a minor in theater and having spent an adult career in the not-for-profit world in public relations and development, where she did a lot of speech writing and created a lot of marketing materials, J T Fisher has finally been able to pursue her passion for writing with a purpose other than one for which she was assigned.

She started out writing poetry and an empty nester blog to fill time that was previously spent tending to her husband and two children. As she wrote and gained followers, she decided to try writing pure fiction.

Judy feels that a lot of women, especially of her generation, have struggled with many fears, questions, and issues growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, and many still carry those fears coupled with the shame, embarrassment, and skeletons that affect the way they live their lives even today. She was one of them. She has found through her own life experiences that people often live vicariously through characters in fiction or in movies and television who face and conquer the same challenges they face in their own lives. She has chosen to write lighter fiction that deals with some of issues that people, mostly women, find it difficult to face or even talk about.

Her first book, “A Life, Well . . . Lived!,” which she describes as a thinly veiled auto-biography, is intended to share the life Dana Gordon, a young lady who experienced and hid a lot of things that had happened to her but, through unusual circumstance, was able to see the error of her own ways and get the chance to live her entire life, all with the wisdom we only gain from age.

A subsequent title deals with male repression, in “Okay, So I Lied!” when Jill Kelly musters the strength to defy her father’s wishes without his knowledge to follow her own dreams. Unfortunately for Jill, she learns the hard way that lying her way through life is not a good solution to her problems. Honesty, she finds out in the end, would have been the best policy.

In “Voices from the Ledge,” released in December of 2018, Judy explores the sensitive yet very timely topic of suicide as her main character deals with empty nest syndrome coupled with depression, leading her to falsely believe she has no more worth or value. Meeting other women in what she thought was her journey to the end, she discovers that her life isn’t so bad after all, and her new-found friends have an eerie way of imparting that to her.

Judy’s ability to touch women and let them know that they are not alone… that other women have gone through and survived the same challenges and tragedies in life, make her light fiction uniquely approachable and loved.

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