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Monday, January 21, 2019

New Indie Book Release: Victoria (Jason Parent)

New Indie Book Release:
Victoria - Jason Parent
YA Horror (204 Pages - December 2018)

Victoria, a coming of age novel, is a standalone creation within Jason Parent’s What Hides Within arachnid universe.

"[...] Victoria is yet another example of Jason Parent's complete mastery of the genre. This was a book I couldn't put down and left me wanting more. I highly recommend this book." - Reader Review

About the Book

Victoria (Jason Parent)
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Victoria Menard has had a hard life. She’s an orphan and a thief… and perhaps even a murderer. Worst of all, her only friend is a talking spider named Chester that lives in her head.

For the last eight years, Victoria and Chester have traveled the world, seeing the sights, learning half a dozen languages, and terrorizing communities indiscriminately. Now sixteen, Victoria wants her independence. But the parasite inside her won’t let her go.

Chester has big plans, but Victoria’s brain may no longer be big enough for the both of them. How can a girl rid herself of an unwanted guest when that guest refuses to leave?

About the Author

Author Jason Parent
Author Jason Parent
Jason Parent is an author of horror, thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, and dark humor, though his many novels, novellas, and short stories tend to blur the boundaries between these genres.

From his award-winning first horror/mystery novel, What Hides Within, to his widely applauded police procedural/supernatural thriller, Seeing Evil, Jason’s work has won him praise from both critics and fans of diverse genres alike.

His work has been compared to that of some of his personal favorite authors, such as Chuck Palahniuk, Jack Ketchum, Tess Gerritsen, and Joe Hill.

Jason grew up near Fall River, Massachusetts, the setting for several of his novels. He has lived in New England most his life, currently residing in Rhode Island.

Connect with Jason Parent via Twitter: @AuthorJasParent

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