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New Indie Book Release: SIGHTED - The Gift (Cheryl Thibodeau)

New Indie Book Release:
SIGHTED: The Gift - Cheryl Thibodeau
Paranormal Suspense (126 Pages - September 2018)

SIGHTED: The Gift features a multi-generational cast of highly relatable and vivid characters, a fast-paced plot, and the draw of a continuing saga - The SIGHTED Series appeals to a very wide audience.

"I absolutely loved this book so much! It was so good! I finished it in 2 nights! [...] Best book I had read in a long time!" - Reader Review

About the Book

SIGHTED - The Gift (Cheryl Thibodeau)
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I'm Lindsay, and I'm a teenage visionary with a few big problems. My mother is way overprotective. My best friend is an airhead. My boyfriend joined the Army.

And I can see murders before they happen.

At the age of eight, I realized that I'm a visionary - that I'm "sighted," as my mom calls it. She tells me I need to learn how to manage my ability. She insists that it's a gift.

That's so not true. I think she's just trying to make me feel better about it. I mean, I already have enough to contend with. Like surviving the continuing drama that is my best friend Sara, and finding the time to be with my boyfriend Scott, all while trying to get myself graduated from my small-town high school so I can go to college and have even more to contend with.

My visions of grisly deaths - past, present, and future - kind of complicate things, especially since I'm still learning how to handle them. Every now and then, I see them wrong.
So while Mom calls it my "gift," I disagree. If this is a gift, then I'd like to give it back.

About the Author

Author Cheryl Thibodeau
Author Cheryl Thibodeau
Cheryl Thibodeau is a single mother of one young adult, living in Southern New Hampshire.

After a few years of living on her farm with her son, it occurred to her that probably half of her life was behind her, and she hadn't yet gone after her Dream: Becoming an author.

She shelved that one for years, because the whole idea was scary. Telling her stories? Too intimidating. She thought she could be content with what she already had. After all, two out of three is pretty good. But as is the way with our dreams, they nest in your soul and refuse to be silenced until you let them take flight.

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