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Saturday, July 28, 2018

New Indie Book Release: Dawn of the Shaman (Cait Ashwood)

New Indie Book Release:
Dawn of the Shaman - Cait Ashwood
Epic Fantasy (366 Pages - July 2018)

Dawn of the Shaman follows the story of Tozall, a primitive human with the misfortune of being born blind, and his journey toward becoming a Shaman.

"The writing, as expected from a Cait Ashwood novel, is compelling and rich. The characters, even the minor ones, have depth and complexity, with distinct personalities and 'voices'.[...] Dawn of the Shaman is an exciting, emotional, beautifully crafted story [...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Dawn of the Shaman (Cait Ashwood)
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It takes a blind man to see the truth.

Tozall should have died shortly after birth, thanks to the sightless blue eyes staring out of his cherubic face. His tribe has no use for disabled burdens, but the Rocs they hold sacred feel differently about the boy. Remanded into the care of the tribe's shaman, his future is far from assured.

His affinity with the Espiriti, the guardian spirits of the tribes, earns him not only the enmity of his own chieftain, Dhurc, but the jealousy of shamans from rival tribes. When his mentor is incapacitated, there's no one left to defend him when Dhurc leads the troublesome upstart into the wilderness and abandons him in the dead of winter.

Will Tozall's spirit friends be enough to save him, or will he die as unwanted as he was born?

About the Author

Author Cait Ashwood
Author Cait Ashwood
Cait Ashwood is an author of epic fantasy works that have trouble staying in just one genre.

She particularly enjoys taking well-loved tropes and standing them on end, giving the reader a taste of the familiar along with the thrill of new discovery.

Cait resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with her husband, two dogs, two cats, and any odd number of chickens.

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