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New Indie Book Release: Western Song (Leigh Podgorski)

New Indie Book Release:
Western Song - Leigh Podgorski
Contemporary Western Romance (237 Pages - June 2017)

Western Song is a multicultural love story. The themes developed are not only romance, but the age old story of what our beloved country stands for, what immigrants throughout our nation's history have sought since our founding, and what our Native brothers and sisters have fought for: freedom.

“A moving, thought-provoking read [...] beautifully written [...] Highly recommend for fans of literary western & romantic fiction. [The novel] didn't just focus on the 'romance' but also dealt with issues such as hate and bigotry, love, loss, loneliness, and family. " - Reader Review

About the Book

Western Song (Leigh Podgorski)
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A timeless love story filled with rich unique characters played out beneath the wide Wyoming sky about a bull riding rancher and his recently deceased best buddy’s Thai immigrant mail order bride.

As she discovers the true power of freedom, he discovers he’s lost his heart.

Western Song details the every day life in a small mountain Wyoming town, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as it also details the spectacular and extraordinary. Readers and Reviewers have expressed their delight at getting to know these various characters, at being able to get inside their heads and to get to know the lives they lead.

About the Author

Author Leigh Podgorski
Author Leigh Podgorski
Leigh Podgorski is an award winning playwright and screenwriter. Among her favorite projects are a play and documentary on Cahuilla elder Katherine Siva Saubel entitled We Are Still Here and the one-act play Windstorm for which she interviewed Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross.

Leigh’s novels include The Women Debrowska that is loosely based on her own Polish ancestry, Ouray’s Peak which follows the story of one matriarchal Ute Indian lineage, and the metaphysical mystery series Stone Quest that includes Desert Chimera, Gallows Ascending, and Neuri Shape-Shifter.

Several of her theatrical monologues have been published by Meriwether Publishing, Gerald Lee Ratliff, editor. Her newest release is Western Song published by Solstice Publishing.

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