Thursday, August 31, 2017

New Indie Book Release: The Piper (Ben Miller)

New Indie Book Release:
The Piper - Ben Miller
Thriller (266 Pages - June 2017)

The Piper is a fast-paced Thriller with legal twists along with the struggles of an FBI agent who becomes personally embroiled in the child abduction case and a high-profile trial.

“[...] Fans of investigative mysteries who seek solid psychological depth as it reviews family interactions and relationships will find The Piper provides a compelling, absorbing story right up to its unexpected conclusion."" - Reader Review

About the Book

The Piper (Ben Miller)
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In Boston an assailant immobilizes a sleep-deprived young mother, blinds her with a black hood, and steals her infant son. When a second abduction occurs in an identical fashion, the media dubs this terrifying perpetrator "The Piper" after the Pied Piper of Northern European folk legend.

Stumped by these mysterious kidnappings--with no witnesses, no leads, no ransom, and no sign of the missing babies--local authorities reach out to Special Agent Jackson Byrne and his FBI team specializing in child abduction. As Jack becomes embroiled in the child abduction case, he tries to prepare himself and his anxiety-riddled family for the trial of his most sensationalized criminal ever, the Playground Predator.

Through themes of loss and grief, retribution and repentance, The Piper follows both the Playground Predator trial and the Piper's infant abductions as each story fervently races to its unforgettable climax.

About the Author

Author Ben Miller
Author Ben Miller
Ben Miller was born in Franklin, Pennsylvania. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Yale University and his Medical Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. Since completing residency training in pediatrics, he has worked as a Pediatric Hospitalist and Diagnostic Specialist.

Ben is the author of A Bustle in the Hedgerow and The Piper, the first two books in the CASMIRC series.

He resides with his wife and three daughters in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, where he continues to work on his next novel while practicing and teaching pediatrics.

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