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New Indie Book Release: Cassandra (Ditter Kellen)

New Indie Book Release:
Cassandra (Scruples) - Ditter Kellen
Paranormal Romance (200 Pages - March 2016)

- "I love the characters and the story! I LOVE Ditter Kellen's books and am looking forward to the next always!! [...] this author is a new favorite. The characters are amazing...the plot is awesome. It's sexy...sweet...adventurous and so much more. I loved the chemistry between them [...]" - Reader Reviews

About the Book

Cassandra (Ditter Kellen)
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Cassandra Blanchard is living a lie; hiding her pain behind laughter and ready made smiles. Sarcasm has become her coping mechanism for dealing with the abuse she suffered as a child.

Until one night during work, a stranger darkens the door, stripping her of her defenses and laying her soul bare to his hungry gaze.

Malik Devain is on a mission to take out an entire family of shifters, and return home to Alaska before the week's end.

But he hadn't counted on a sexy little blonde throwing a wrench in his plans. While her blood calls to the vampire within, her body controls the man in a tug of war of wills he's powerless to win.

About the Author

Author Ditter Kellen
Author Ditter Kellen
Bestselling Author Ditter Kellen has been in love with romance for over twenty years. To say she's addicted to reading is an understatement. Her eBook reader is an extension of her and holds many of her fantasies and secrets. It's filled with dragons, shifters, vampires, ghosts and many more jaw-dropping characters who keep her entertained on a daily basis.

Ditter's love of paranormal and outrageous imagination have conspired together to bring her where she is today...sitting in front of her computer allowing them free rein. Writing is her passion, what she was born to do. Readers enjoy reading her stories as much as she loves spinning them.

In 2015 Miss Kellen launched DitterVerse, a social media network for the literary world; in hopes of bringing authors and readers together in a more favorable environment.

Ditter resides in Florida with her husband and many unique farm animals. She adores French fries and her phone is permanently attached to her ear.

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