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Featured Indie Book: Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter (Yolanda M. Tucker)

Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter (Yolanda M. Tucker)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Adult Romance Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter by Yolanda M. Tucker.

Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter addresses issues that women need to think and talk about. A powerful story of sisterhood bonds and friendships that last a lifetime. Ms. Tucker created five fictional female characters weaving real life stories into the tale. Advanced readers have raved about the story being hilarious, real and empowering.

The Book has been self-published via GHM Publishing Inc. and is available as Paperback and eBook - 214 pages - released in December 2015.

About the Book

Five strong women, fight life's struggles to become the powerful, successful women they choose to be.

Dealing with life's ups and downs, these women share their stories about how their pink pussies get them into trouble with a Capital T.

They share their bad dates, the crazy men in their lives and some of the craziest things imaginable over apple, blueberry, peach, peanut butter creme and cherry pie.

With wine of course!

Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter (Yolanda M. Tucker)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This story is powerful, addicting and an explosive story of women empowerment; how women rule the world and the premises of their power. The key is knowing how to use it to ones advantage. This story has a good story line and is cleverly written. At times, I blushed. I laughed and was hooked in reading this very engaging story." - Natasha Brooks

- "[...] This book is definitely a page turner! It's full of Wisdom and Whit! Ms. Minnie, is definitely a character that has plenty of knowledge that is still valuable to any Woman that has these struggles in life. (Trust and believe several do, but would act as if they didn't have any of these types of problems) I love the bond that the women share because they show exactly how we should compliment each other and build each other up rather than tear each other down." - Sherry Wright

- "This book is a must read, I was glued to this book attentively. It was so good that I finished reading it in 1 1/2 days. I'm encouraging all my family and friends to download or purchase this book, they're we're excited just by the title." - LaShawnda Wright McCray

About the Author

Author Yolanda M. Tucker
Author Yolanda M. Tucker

Yolanda M. Tucker is an award winning author, professional speaker and business consultant.

Yolanda is a junior high school dropout that has experienced her own tragedy to triumph story that motivates her to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Yolanda was a teenage mother and is now the single mother of a college graduate. She currently holds several post graduate degrees and a law certification.

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Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter (Yolanda M. Tucker)

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