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New Indie Book Release: The Mercenary Prince (Charles E. Yallowitz)

New Indie Book Release:
The Mercenary Prince - Charles E. Yallowitz
Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery (311 pages - December 2015)

The Mercenary Prince is the ninth installment of the bestselling Legends of Windemere fantasy series. This is a fun and exciting adventure where Delvin will either return a stronger champion or destroy himself along with the champion prophecy. It shows how one person’s actions can affect more than just their life.

- "Whether this is your first or the ninth book in this epic 5 Star Legends of Windemere fantasy series; you will become one with this mystical world and you will follow the path where The Hobbit and Dungeons and Dragons once took you." - Reader Review

About the Book

The Mercenary Prince (Charles E. Yallowitz)
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Delvin Cunningham has left the champions.

Lost to his tribe in the Yagervan Plains, fear and shame have kept the former Mercenary Prince away from his homeland. With his confidence crumbling, he has decided to return and bring closure to his past. Reuniting with his old friends, Delvin’s timing could not be worse as a deadly campaign is brewing within Yagervan’s borders. Dawn Fangs are on the march and these powerful vampires are determined to turn the entire region into a graveyard.

To protect his family, friends, and two homelands, Delvin will have to push his doubt away and become the cunning Mercenary Prince once again.

About the Author

Author Charles E. Yallowitz
Author Charles E. Yallowitz

Born and living in New York, Charles E. Yallowitz is the fevered imagination behind the Legends of Windemere fantasy series.

For longer than a decade, he has worked to cultivate a world of magic and colorful characters to entertain anyone who wishes to give his stories a try.

When not writing, outlining, editing, dreaming, or eating pizza, Charles is busy tending to a mischievous imp that he is partially responsible for.

Connect with Charles E. Yallowitz via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @cyallowitz.

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