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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

New Indie Book Release: The Demon Purge (M. B. Scully)

New Indie Book Release:
The Demon Purge - M. B. Scully
Fantasy (454 pages - August 2014)

The Demon Purge is set in a mythical land called Soluna, populated by wolves with various elemental powers and follows the story of two wolves as they seek to end a century of war and tyranny at the claws of demonic over lords.

"Well thought out and exciting storytelling!! Filled with characters with real depth in an epic tale that is easy to immerse yourself in. I've read it more than once already. All the rich detail keeps it fresh each time." - Reader Review

About the Book

The Demon Purge (M. B. Scully)
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Hawk, a recently escaped Fire-Wolf slave, is one of the few who believes the stories of a once-free Island of Soluna. But as an outlaw, fearing discovery by demons and his fellow wolves, he barely manages to survive. An encounter with a Water-Wolf, a native of a vanished nation, rekindles his spirit and thrusts him into a quest to free his Island.

For more than a century, most wolves have been enslaved by the monstrous overlord, Letorus, and his demon horde. The wolves not trapped are on the run, fugitives in their own land. Even the few remaining rebel groups have given up fighting the demons’ rule and struggle only for survival.

Hawk must rise above what he thought possible for a lowly slave and learn to lead in a land overcome with hopelessness. With secrets from the beginning of the war and a mysterious spirit haunting his every step, Hawk will have to travel into the origins of darkness itself to free the Island from the tyrannical rule of Letorus.

About the Author

Author M. B. Scully
Author M. B. Scully
M. B. Scully has been writing epic stories since the third grade, according to a rather embarrassing folder her parents have saved over the years.

A native of Lubbock, Texas, she spent her childhood and teen years as a military brat, moving all over the U.S. Amazingly, the file of embarrassing stories survived every move. When not writing, Scully enjoys riding horses, teaching riding lessons, and doing barn work (the stalls end up much cleaner than her home, which is covered in books and precarious stacks of paper).

Any spare time spent indoors involves way too many fandoms and very deep discussions about said fandom with family and friends. getting lost in their story, their trials, their triumphs. Her ultimate goal is to create a character or a story that stays with the reader long after the book has been put down.

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