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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Rain Clouds and Waterfalls (Piper Templeton)

Rain Clouds and Waterfalls (Piper Templeton)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Novel told in short stories Rain Clouds and Waterfalls by Piper Templeton.

Rain Clouds and Waterfalls: Each short story is interconnected with the others, but they can be read as individually-contained short stories. The novel features slice of life stories inspired by The Beatles.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - 266 pages - released in June 2014.

About the Book

A novel told in short stories, follow young protagonist Ellen as she narrates each story of love, loss, longing, friendship, and entrapment.

Inspired by the artistry of the Beatles, each story is framed by a Beatles song or actual Beatles event.

Follow Ellen's journey from 1976 to 1990: Her beloved brothers' disappearance from the family when she is 11, an event she carries with her throughout the whole book; her navigation through high school as she searches for friendship and love (and a musical instrument), loses her innocence in more ways than one, and is scarred by John's death; her challenges in the 1980s workplace as she confronts sexual harassment; her growth as a young woman taking charge of her life. Meet her friend, Joan, who Ellen thinks of affectionately as the "fool on the hill"; Kevin, the rich neighborhood boy whose fa├žade betrays his reality; Perry, her dark, moody, and much older first love. Ellen injects insight, wisdom in hindsight, and humor into these slice of life stories.

Rain Clouds and Waterfalls (Piper Templeton)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] Whether or not you’re a Beatles fan, reading Ellen’s stories will give you some heart-warming moments and some heartache. She’s a character I really came to care about. " - E. Krane

- "This book features quick-reading chapters that give snapshots of Ellen's life as she grows from a school-aged girl into a young lady. She is forced to face the loss of a couple of people who are very important to her, and the reader is able to see how these losses continue to affect her as she matures. The author did a terrific job of interweaving Ellen's love of the Beatles into not only the chapter titles, but also the story itself.[...]" - Ann Omasta

- "Not all coming-of-age stories are quite as tender as Piper Templeton’s novel Rain Clouds and Waterfalls. To say Rain Clouds and Waterfalls is a tender story does not contradict the disturbing undercurrents that inform the ten chapters comprising this novel. On the contrary. The symbiotic relationship among story, character, action, and mood heighten a reader’s desire to finish this book in one sitting.[...]" - Sandra Squire Fluck

- "Templeton made a flawless choice in deciding to write this book in the short story format, because it is quite possibly the best way to have told Ellen's story. It makes the pace of the book enjoyable and the story engaging, and I found myself reading it in its entirety in one sitting. While the Beatles is a theme throughout the book, one does not have to be a fan in order to enjoy it.[...]" - Zacharie (Amazon)

- "[...] Each chapter in this book is dedicated to a song from the Beatles and the writing is simple, raw and touching. You feel close to Ellen and are drawn into her life and its ups and downs. It's a nice read and I would recommend it to everyone" - Nihar (Amazon)

About the Author

Piper Templeton was born in a New Orleans subdivision in 1964, one month after the Beatles arrived in America.

Her mother maintains that her alert newborn daughter took note of the cover of Look Magazine that featured the Fab Four, and it sparked a passion for the group that stays to this day.

A University of New Orleans liberal arts major, Piper pursues her passion for writing as she earns her living in the Louisiana Judiciary System.

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Rain Clouds and Waterfalls (Piper Templeton)

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