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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Indie Book Release: The Crisis of Our Time (Dr. John Carvalho)

New Indie Book Release:
The Crisis of Our Time - John Carvalho
Autobiography / Philosophy / Science / Political History (372 pages - July 2014)

The Crisis of Our Time challenges conventional human wisdom regarding world problems and human psychology. It is a nonfiction autobiography that uses a unique, literary artistry to convey its important topics and has earned its author, John Carvalho, an AIMA “Best Literary Writer” Nomination.

About the Book

The Crisis of Our Time (Dr. John Carvalho)
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Dr. John Carvalho, former Harvard academician and winner of the United States National Research Service Award, is no stranger to the word crisis. As a scientist, scholar and statesman he has spent decades working on the front lines of biomedical and theoretical exploration, global health, and the worldwide, human rights movement.

The Crisis of Our Time is the astonishing, partial memoir and discourse regarding his life’s career and philosophy concerning the planet’s most pressing problems. Written in a way accessible to everyone, Carvalho, beginning with his passionate, poetic, and provocative first chapter, challenges us to discover that the disastrous, external crises of our lives emanate from the unity of our conscious and subconscious experiences. Indeed, the great troubles afflicting humanity—war, infectious disease, economic recession, terrorism, family discord, psychological trauma, human rights violations—dilemmas that appear unsolvable, actually originate when—without truthful self-reflection—we glorify mediocrity rather than strive to excel.

Employing cutting-edge, scientific information; keen, historical insight; extensive, cultural experience; and profound, philosophical analysis; Carvalho dissects our crises to elucidate why they perpetuate. In so doing, he introduces his theory of “causal circular systems” to reveal how causes feed off and exacerbate effects, which, in turn, reinforce those same causes. Furthering his views, he explores global health, the example par excellence, as well as economics, political history, planetary climate change, and the most central crisis of all—Being or Nothingness—the fears of the Self—the dread of our mortality.

Ultimately, this short but eye-opening book creates epic meaning while using an artistic, literary style that is virtually unseen in nonfiction. Anyone who genuinely seeks excellence over mediocrity, truth over falsity, meaning over purposelessness, and resolution over despair should read Crisis.

About the Author

Author Dr. John Carvalho
Author Dr. John Carvalho
Dr. John Carvalho, a world traveler and winner of the United States National Research Service Award, is the epitome of the "Renaissance Scholar" His manuscripts portray purposeful investigation, meaningful analysis, cultural insight, philosophical acuity, scientific depth, and visionary humanitarianism. Having published in multiple fields and having explored numerous countries, Carvalho simultaneously reveals technical sophistication and artistic expression in his writings.

The Crisis of Our Time is the astonishing, partial memoir and discourse regarding his life's career and philosophy concerning the planet's most pressing problems. Perhaps the first of its kind in its genre, Crisis studies its nonfiction topics scientifically and logically, but presents them using a creative, literary style that encourages readers to peer through the boundaries of conventional human thought.

Carvalho holds a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Virology from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts; a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis; and a B.Sc. in Biology from University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. Throughout the years he has acted as a member of numerous scholarly and professional societies, professor and lecturer at various academic institutions, researcher, philosopher, political statesman, and human rights activist.

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