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Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Unbridled (H. K. Rowe)

New Indie Book Release:
Unbridled - H. K. Rowe
Romantic Suspense (185 pages - May 2014)

Unbridled is a story about two orphan brothers are taken-in by their rich cousins, only to become involved in a dangerous and risque romance with their beautiful daughter. And as each brother falls for her further, dark secrets arise weakening their strong bond.

About the Book

Unbridled (H. K. Rowe)
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The story begins with the main character, Ethan Carpenter, who has turned to a life of crime early to help his family.

After a terrible accident, Ethan and his brother Brian must live with their second cousins, who have an adopted daughter that takes an interest in them.

Her interest in Ethan is dangerous, for when she finds out about his criminal life, she tries to save him, only putting Ethan and Brian, as well as herself, in terrible peril.

About the Author

Author H. K. Rowe
Author H. K. Rowe
H. K. (Heather) Rowe is a writer from the Chicago suburbs. She has been writing and drawing since she could hold a pencil, and possibly in other past lives.

As an avid reader, her stories are influenced by some of her favorite authors, such as V.C. Andrews, Jane Austen, Charlaine Harris and Nora Roberts. Some of her favorite genres are Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Adventure and Fairy Tales.

H.K. leads a double life as well, working full time at an IT company in the Chicago suburbs. Technology and Design are a few more of her passions.

In her rare free time she likes coming up with new recipes to try out on her husband and walking her two beagles.

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