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Friday, May 23, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Discovering the Legacy (Teckla Satterlee)

New Indie Book Release:
Discovering the Legacy - Teckla Satterlee
Fantasy (Epic) - (360 pages - May 2014)

Discovering the Legacy has an emphasis on character development, emotion, and relationships between the characters. However, there is no lack of action to go along with that. Problems follow the characters wherever they go and the hero and heroine must rise up to face these challenges or be overcome.

About the Book

Discovering the Legacy (Teckla Satterlee)
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An orphan with unknown powers could save her world from darkness...

Katelyn, an orphaned Time Traveler, has spent her years at the School of Endless Time repressing her natural abilities to fit in among the other students. However, she has made powerful enemies who recognize the significance of her enhanced abilities. Though graduation is only two assignments away, her adversaries are willing to call upon dark magic to keep her within their grasp when all she wants is to venture out on her own.

Tukil, a Libyon warrior, stalks Gargoyles to rid the world of the evil that killed his twin sister. When a hunt goes horribly awry, he finds himself once again betrayed by both Humans and his god. With years of distrust fueling his vengeance and hatred, anyone hoping to befriend him must fight tooth and nail to overcome the lessons of his past.

After Katelyn blindly flees the school and an alarming announcement from the president, she finds herself falling into Tukil’s arms. Though their attraction to each other is instant, neither of them can afford to trust, and their secrets force them to fight it. However, in order for Katelyn and Tukil to become powerful enough to defeat a sly enemy, they must accept their bond and work together to seek those who wield pure magic mighty enough to help them.

Will their secrets tear them apart before they can realize their destiny?

About the Author

Author Teckla Satterlee
Author Teckla Satterlee
Teckla Satterlee was born in Missouri but raised in a small Kansas town. It was no secret that she loved reading from a very young age, and that love only grew over the years. She enjoys anything from fantasy to romance to historical fiction. Some of her favorites are J.R.R. Tolkien, Brian Jacques, Anne McCaffrey, and Stephen Lawhead.

While Teckla has always enjoyed writing, mainly journaling, it took her quite a few years to realize that it was much more than a hobby. When she first started seriously writing her first story it took three years to finish. As the story grew so did her desire to share it with others. Now she spends the majority of her free time writing the tales that have been building in her head for years, and she loves every moment of it.

Currently, Teckla attends Kansas State University pursuing a degree in Animal Science. Animals are her other passion. One day she would love to have a cottage in the country with horses, dogs, cats, and all kinds of other animals. A perfect day would include horseback riding and writing on the deck.

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