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Friday, December 13, 2013

New Indie Book Release: The Legend of Wild Horse Beach (Bronwen Webb)

New Indie Book Release:
The Legend of Wild Horse Beach - Bronwen Webb
Mid-Grade Fantasy (125 pages - October 2013)

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach is an amazing fantasy adventure story for 9-12 year old children and is book 1 in the Worlds of Magic Series.

About the Book

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach (Bronwen Webb)
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Lucinda, Millie, Kate and Tom discover a legend about Wild Horse Beach while on holiday at the little town. The legend that wild horses have been seen on the beach at the same time as children have disappeared from there has been talked about in the town for hundreds of years.The legend becomes real in a frightening way when Lucinda makes a decision that takes her into a magic world of islands, including Serennis, home of a herd of unicorns.

Lucinda is named ‘the next brave child’ by the unicorn king, Arius, but is terrified when she discovers the fate of the children who came before her. Millie, Kate and Tom follow Lucinda into a world where dragons and unicorns fight for survival against a witch whose quest to become immortal is devastating the unicorn herd. The unpredictable dragon, Zebedia, has his own agenda but the children must seek his help in a world of whirlpools, volcanos and the terrifying Keepers, a world human children cannot leave without the permission of the unicorn king. And that requires doing one thing that no other child has managed to achieve -they must kill the witch.

About the Author

Author Bronwen Webb
Author Bronwen Webb
Bronwen Webb lives in South Australia and recently published her first children's novel, The Legend of Wild Horse Beach. She also writes short stories and has been published in three anthologies with another being released in 2014. Bronwen was Chair of the SA (South Australian) Writers' Centre for several years.

Bronwen's professional background is in nursing and she recently retired from the University of South Australia where she was Division Director for the Division of Health Sciences. With retirement Bronwen at last has more time to write and to spend time with her two grandchildren who have recently moved back to Australia from London.

She has commenced The Ice Diamond, book 2 of the Worlds of Magic series.

Connect with Bronwen Webb via Twitter: @wildhorsebeach
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