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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Featured Indie Book: How the Winds Laughed (Addie Greene)

How the Winds Laughed (Addie Greene)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Adventure Memoir How the Winds Laughed by Addie Greene.

How the Winds Laughed sails on the wings of hope, fear, anger, and love across three oceans and more than 30,000 miles as it tells the tale of Addie’s and Pete’s voyage around the world in a 28-foot wooden sailboat.

The Book has been published via Fuze Publishing and is available as eBook and Paperback - 273 pages - released in September 2012.

About the Book

In the beginning, Addie is afraid to climb the mast and change sails on a bucking foredeck washed with breaking waves.

Yet as she and her husband take on the great adventure of circumnavigating, a succession of catastrophes demands that she become the driving force in carrying them forward and eventually safely home.

How the Winds Laughed (Addie Greene)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "The things this young couple experienced while circumnavigating the globe on a 28-foot wooden sailboat raise the hairs on the back of my neck. Were they crazy or incredibly brave? For nearly three years, they lived with and survived unimaginable (to me) danger, and formed true attachments to people and cultures unfamiliar to most Americans. Ms. Greene's "true grit" comes thru on every page. It's a great read. " - Ellen Gardner

- "I've always been intrigued with the idea of pulling up roots and living on the road. But I have neither the courage or enough know-how to even consider this mobile lifestyle on the unpredictable ocean--in a boat the size of an SUV. I can't imagine doing what this author did for three years--the typhoons and hurricanes, equipment failures, going through the Panama Canal (my favorite chapter). Her story, a mix of humor and danger, cross-cultural interaction and marital challenges, delivers both a great read and an education. " - Story Spinner

- "[...] Read this book! Addie tells her story of circumnavigating the planet on a 28 foot sailboat and the trip takes about 3 years. I do believe that if Hell actually existed, she's sailed in and out of it several times. If you are a sailor, you definitely want to read this as she talks the talk and walks the walk. And this was done before GPS. 1970ish.way to go Addie!!! " - Harvey C. Bush

- "Ms. Greene's journey involved much more than the physical challenges of sailing around the world, because it brought her into contact with one set of cultural expectations after another. Again and again she had to find her way gracefully and graciously through difficult social encounters--from the Polynesian family on one island to the knighted British commissioner and his wife on another. Although the sailing adventures were hair-raising, the inter-personal adventures are what picked me up and carried me along. I found her story both enjoyable and educational. " - Travel Enthusiast

About the Author

Author Addie Greene
Author Addie Greene
After growing up close to the land on a California ranch, Addie Greene met a man who taught her the glories of the sea.

In 1971, the pair left on their trip around the world. She went on to raise two children and pursue a writing career.

She lives in Ashland, Oregon, and though 150 miles inland, she still can hear the winds laugh.

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How the Winds Laughed (Addie Greene)