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Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Bitter Sweet (Mason N. Forbes)

New Indie Book Release:
Bitter Sweet: A Controversial Crime Thriller - Mason N. Forbes
Crime Thriller (315 Pages - November 2013)

"Mason Forbes has totally blasted his way into crime fiction with Bitter Sweet. What a gripping novel. I was hooked right from the first chapter and from there-on-in each chapter had conflict, obstacles, suspense in abundance.
The story starts with the relationship of Nina and a client, Mike. He knows Nina is burning out, balancing her private life and being an escort.[...]"
- Reader Review

About the Book

Bitter Sweet (Mason N. Forbes)
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Bitter Sweet is the story of a young woman’s bid to rescue human trafficking victims.

Nina’s double-life as a university student and an escort falls apart when she is drawn into a web of violence, human trafficking and police corruption.
When Nina rescues three girls from the clutches of a vicious trafficker a city-wide pursuit ensues, one in which Nina must outwit not only the police, but also the trafficker and a fate far worse than prosecution.

Can Nina avoid capture by the trafficker and a life of sexual slavery? Or will she in desperation contact the police? And can she avoid her worst nightmare – exposure as an escort?

In his heart-pounding début novel, Mason Forbes takes the reader on a roller-coaster through the escort business, human trafficking and corruption from the city streets all the way up to the Crown Prosecution Service.

About the Author

Author Mason N. Forbes
Author Mason N. Forbes
Mason N. Forbes was born and grew up in the United Kingdom. He is of Anglo-German-Irish heritage. After university, he worked in industry for a number of years, before moving to live and work in Germany.

Twenty years later, he returned to the UK with his family and has since written two novels.

The first and as yet unpublished novel, drew critique with the inclusion of a first-time escort. This prompted him, without prejudice, to understand the escort business. To him, bitter and sweet reflects the lives of those who work as escorts.

Connect with Mason N. Forbes via Twitter: @MasonNForbes
and Facebook: masonn.forbes