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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Featured Indie Book: The Big Empty (Ritch Gaiti)

The Big Empty (Ritch Gaiti)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Mystery The Big Empty by Ritch Gaiti.

"The Big Empty is a juxtaposition of genres, eras and cultures. It is written on several different levels - from the gritty, first-person, investigator, to a journey into American history and the spirituality of the Native American culture.
It slowly unfurls revealing small small fragments of a very involved puzzle and pulls the reader into the vortex of a large historical conspiracy."

The Book has been published via Sedona Editions and is available as eBook and Paperback - 360 pages - released in May 2013.

About the Book

A gritty lawyer uncovers an ancient conspiracy and the betrayal of a man and a nation. In an ethereal mystery of treachery, trust and redemption.

The ten years had slipped by like a century. Rick Wallace reluctantly returned to New York, his personal abyss. It was a simple mission with a big payoff. With a little luck, he’d be out of here by tomorrow. But if luck were in play, he wouldn’t be here now.

His haunting quest led him through the city bureaucracy, historical landmarks and some of the most prominent properties in New York, all inexplicably linked. Nothing fit, yet everything connected and each answer only bred more questions. Somehow it had all pointed back to him. And this simple task opened up doors that had been nailed shut for a lifetime. He trusted no one, especially himself.

Deep within a labyrinth of deceptions and betrayals, he found that the truth that had sent his life into a tailspin ten years ago was far from true. He uncovered a massive conspiracy among the most respected organizations in the world. This seemingly routine assignment suddenly had enormous stakes and consequences. Now it was up to him to mend an ancient injustice and the fate of an entire culture.

The Big Empty (Ritch Gaiti)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] Gaiti is not only a polished wordsmith, he his also a very intelligent man whose creative mind challenges everyone else in the field.[...] A good mystery demands the respect of not spoiling a bit of it and since every page in this hefty novel contains grains of gold it is only fair to the reader to recommend adding this experience to the personal library. Ritch Gaiti simply has it all in his magical power to take us away from whatever is cluttering our lives and providing a literarily fine escape and respite. Highly recommended." - Grady Harp - Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

- "[...] Mr. Gaiti's writing ability is excellent. He has a way of describing events and places that really help transport the reader into the story, but without being overly wordy. His characters, especially the main character, are memorable, well written, and very entertaining. All in all, this is definitely a five star book in my opinion, and I look forward to seeing what else Mr. Gaiti has written." - Gabriella Hernandez

- "[...] This screamer of a novel begs to be made into a motion picture. It starts with a vortex that spins slowly at first and then, with the power of a black hole, pulls you into a world of power, political intrigue and danger. The deeper you go, the faster you are reading and the more you are enjoying your journey.
Mr. Gaiti is a skillful writer who handles character development, action, intrigue and relationships with remarkable skill and balance.
This is a GREAT read!! "
- M. Bernhaut.

- "This fast moving thriller-mystery speeds of at a breathtaking pace from page one. A lawyer takes a case which will send shockwaves through the establishment. Building on a 9/11 conspiracy theory, and written, unusually in the first person tense, the book delves back into native American history to cleverly meld past present and future together in a maelstrom of political intrigue. [...]" - Ruthie

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Ritch Gaiti
Author Ritch Gaiti
Ritch Gaiti is an author, an artist and a former Wall Street Executive. He focuses on a wide range of subjects and genres: from drama to suspense to humor; from fiction to non-fiction. His first book, Points, Women Have Them, Men Need Them, was a humorous relationship book. Afterwards, sticking with humor, he wrote Tweet, a fictional satire on consumerism and the advertising industry. Recently, Tweet has been optioned for a feature film. His last book, Dutching the Book, a fictional drama based on real people and events, delivers an absorbing story about horse racing and gambling in 1960’s Brooklyn.

Ritch has also written articles for magazines, including Private Wealth, Tango and Balance magazines and has been featured on national TV and radio, including a guest appearance on the Today Show, opposite Joan Rivers.

In addition to writing, Ritch Gaiti is a recognized artist who exhibits regularly in galleries and museums across the country. His portfolio can be viewed on: www.Gaiti.com. He is also recreational pilot and enjoys tennis and skiing.

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The Big Empty (Ritch Gaiti)