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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Featured Indie Book: By the Fates, Freed (Patricia D. Eddy)

By the Fates, Freed (Patricia D. Eddy)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Paranormal Romance By the Fates, Freed by Patricia D. Eddy.

By the Fates, Freed is the first book in the By the Fates trilogy. It is a paranormal romance novel set in a world with witches, humans, and devils. Created by the Fates, the world is largely at peace, though a small group of devils wish to bring about war. One powerful witch and her warlock mate are caught in the center of a dangerous battle. Will their love survive?

The Book has been self-published via Amazon, Smashwords, and others and is available as eBook and Paperback - 447 pages - released in June 2013.

About the Book

Her unusual emerald aura makes the witch the target of a powerful devil clan. They bind her, taking her name, her voice, and her magic. Shackled inside the cold, stone walls of the devil’s prison, tortured and abused, she prays for a death she knows will not come.

Born a powerful protector, the warlock has always felt unfulfilled. His casual promise to his king’s Council results in a life-changing discovery. The imprisoned, nameless witch is his mate — the one witch he is fated to love for all eternity. He must free her or his very life will be over.

Freed, the witch must learn how to trust again. But the kind warlock with the face of a dark angel is hiding something — a secret that will give the witch the strength to help her to fulfill her destiny.

As she comes into her power, she will discover a pure truth that allows her to save herself and the man she loves.

This is the first book in the By the Fates trilogy.

By the Fates, Freed (Patricia D. Eddy)
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Warning: This book contains disturbing and potentially offensive scenes including forced imprisonment, rape and physical and mental torture. Suitable for adult audiences only.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] the author did a wonderful job not only in writing in this style but in weaving a magical tale that leapt right off the screen. Strong characters, varied individuals with their own personalities and lives, are woven into a tale that makes you laugh and cry at all the right moments. And their use of magic is so natural, you almost believe the spells and artifacts would work in the 'real world' as well as they do in theirs." - Felina

- "I can tell you I was completely surprised by this book. This world of witches, warlocks, devils, human and the world that surrounded them totally sucked me in [...]" - Shannon Palmer

- "It has a great balance of supernatural/action/romance elements. If you're like me, and enjoy a little magic and suspense with your love scenes, you'll love this book and will want her to write the sequel soon." - Heather F.

- "I started and finished this book in 24 hours-- I didn't want to put it down! There are some gorgeous moments in here, full-depth protagonists and chilling paranormal background. Very satisfying." - K. Hack

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Patricia D. Eddy
Author Patricia D. Eddy

Patricia D. Eddy doesn’t know how to relax. Really. She’s tried. But between a full time job, running, cycling, swimming, writing, reading, and the occasional movie or trivia night, it just doesn’t happen.

Despite routinely telling her mother that her life is boring, what she really means is that she doesn’t have enough free time to get bored. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

She lives in Seattle with her husband and three cats. She has been known to participate in clandestine coffee bean exchanges in corner shops and is happiest when she’s mixing the perfect Manhattan.

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By the Fates, Freed (Patricia D. Eddy)