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New Indie Book Release: The Helpers: Deadly Discovery (Suzanna E Nelson)

New Indie Book Release: 
The Helpers - Vol. I: Deadly Discovery - Suzanna E. Nelson -
Thriller / Historical Fiction (September 4, 2012 - 369 pages)

“Lovers of espionage and intrigue can just enjoy the ride..."

About the Book

The Helpers: Deadly Discovery (Suzanna E Nelson)
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Jenny Osborne, a freelance journalist who lives in New York, has just received her first big assignment abroad to report on the war situation between the government and rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Along with her photojournalist, John Spencer, she embarks on a long journey to the Central African country. Although they are well received by nonprofit organizations, they soon encounter suspicion from people in the government and ultimately discover that things are not as they seem. Jenny also meets a mysterious handsome French Intelligence Attaché by the name of Pierre-Jean Philippe who seems to know more than he is willing to disclose.

The new Congolese President, who wants to end the bloodshed, embarks on a journey to Nairobi to sign a peace agreement with the rebels, which is supported by the international community. “The Helpers” - a very powerful underground organization whose members include international businessmen and high priests will not stand by and let this happen. Their main aim is to maintain a stronghold on the natural resources of Congo and the only way they can do this by encouraging conflict. They hire one of their sleepers, a professional by the name of Demus, a.k.a. Gaston to bring down the President’s plane. Monsieur Lance Lemand, Pierre’s boss, discovers their plan and decides to stop Gaston from fulfilling the contract.

When Kai, a local schoolgirl, decides to end the psychological and sexual abuse that she and her mother have endured at the hands of Gaston, she seeks out Jenny’s help. Kai gives Jenny damaging information that could bring down “The Helpers” network. Jenny and John realize the danger they are in and decide to leave the country, but before they can do that Jenny disappears.

"This book is one of the best books I have ever read. It is full of intrigue, fast paced and yet very educational. A lot of research must have gone into this book.[...]"

"[...] High intrigue and suspense from the beginning to the end. Very original. I was impressed with the way the author weaved the individual characters and brought them together."

About the Author

Suzanna E. Nelson works for the United Nations and is a published author of two award-winning novels. Her first novel Nightmare Along the River Nile is set in Uganda and Sudan. It is a story about a student who was abducted by the LRA and sold into slavery. The second novel The Helpers is an international tale of espionage and corruption, and is set in Congo, Europe and United States.

Although both novels are fictitious, they were inspired by historical facts. Nightmare Along the River Nile was inspired by actual events that happened to young people in the 1990s at the height of the LRA rebel abductions in northern Uganda. The story was conceived from many interviews that were conducted with survivors and former child soldiers who managed to escape the LRA. The Helpers was inspired by colonialism in the Democratic Republic of Congo and how it led to corruption and terror.

Suzanna has lived and worked in Africa, Europe and United States. She is an advocate of human rights issues like anti slavery, protection of war children and child education.Visit the author online at:

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