Friday, September 07, 2012

New Indie Book Release: Mana (Asher Tensei)

New Indie Book Release: 
Mana - Asher Tensei -
YA Urban Fantasy (September 7, 2012 - 380 pages)

“Sincerity of Twilight meets Action of Marvel !"

About the Book

Mana (Asher Tensei)
The book takes place after an old, magical war was waged in Samsera. The battle left Samsera scarred and counter measures had to be implemented so war would never happen again.

The world was divided into two realms, Samsera of course, and Earth.

Two thousand years later, the barrier between the division is starting to fade and it's solely up to Eurich to prevent that from happening.

Becoming a dragoon and finishing a war wasn't what he expected when he started senior year, but alas, he is the only one who can do it. Having dragoon blood in his veins sealed his destiny.

Now he must act before it's too late to have anything to save.

About the Author

Asher Tensei on Indie Author News
Asher Tensei
When Asher Tensei is not writing, he educates others about how important writing and self-esteem are. When he's not doing any of that he tries to stay active on Twitter and the blog on this website. Asher Tensei: "If any of my sentences can motivate even one person, then my job is done!"

He sat in the darkness of literature too long, watching as the same concepts were published over and over. Asher is very passionate about the fantasy genre and likes where it is headed, but sometimes, he can’t help but feel we’re all really buying the same stories just told from a different Point of View.

So, Asher Tensei made it his duty to generate something in people who already exists in low amounts, uniqueness. He chose to write Mana because it does exactly what we all expect it to. Those who have read it have thought differently about what it means to feel like to be ”one in a million.” For Asher it was very important that he conveys this message in the book because, every day, more people are doubting themselves and not realizing that only they are capable of being themselves.

Connect with Asher Tensei on Twitter: @AsherTensei