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Featured Kickstarter Project: Amalfi Blue (Lisa Fantino)

There is a great way to gain exposure and help fund your book projects! Kickstarter is a crowd funding (micro-funding) site that is set up for new entrepreneurs, writers, film makers, artists, musicians, publishing platforms, etc... to get funding in the form of pledges so that you can launch your book project or other projects!

Today - we feature Lisa Fantino's Indie Book Project:

Kickstarter Indie Book Project  - Amalfi Blue - 
Lost & Found in the South of Italy by Lisa Fantino

Indie Author Lisa Fantino has set up a Kickstarter Project for the independent release of the Memoir Amalfi Blue and is turning to the Kickstarter community to ensure that this book gets professionally published and promoted.

Backing this project will guarantee a final book with finished product quality (editing, design, cover art, and marketing) that will rival that of a traditional publisher.

About the Book Amalfi Blue

Amalfi Blue, lost & found in the south of Italy, is a soul-searching story of lust and love, men & women, life & death & rebirth. I lost myself in the south of Italy and found who I was really meant to be along the way.

It's more than just another woman's memoir in Italy. It's a message of empowerment, enlightenment, & relationship revelations. It is a story of the cultural divide between Italian-Americans and Italians and the realization that life truly evolves giorno per giorno.

About the Author

Lisa Fantino on Indie Author News
Photo: Rochelle Cheever
Lisa Fantino is an attorney, journalist, travel concierge and has also been a teacher, everything from 1st grade to journalism at her alma mater, Syracuse University.

During her long career as a broadcast journalist, she was a reporter/writer/editor at the two leading news radio stations in NYC, 1010 WINS & WCBS Newsradio 88.

Lisa Fantino anchored at the NBC Radio Network, served as a rock correspondent to its Source Network and hosted her own celebrity interview show for Cablevision TV in suburban NY.

Lisa has been honored with numerous individual and station awards, interviewing everyone from Bono and Sting to President Bush the elder & Yogi Berra.

Lisa Fantino about the

Top 5 Things She Learned on Kickstarter:

1. Friends Say Stupid Things - "Is the book any good?" is a common question. "OK, it's better, by, far than the book you haven't written. So, it's perfectly OK for you to ignore the fact that I am an award-winning career journalist, former network news anchor & journalism professor."

"So, your book is about lust? I don't want to hear about your lust." Yes, the book is about lust, love and lessons learned while living la dolce vita. Is there sex in it? Yes. Is it porn? No. Grow up or go buy a coloring book.

"Hey, I've been busy. I've been meaning to buy it, I was just waiting to see if you would get anywhere close before I did anything." Yeah, they just got scratched off my Christmas card list.

2. Make it Personal but don't take it Personally - Your Kickstarter video and summary are your chief selling tools. Maximize them. Don't give a boring narrative. Tell the prospects why this project rocks and why it's important to you. If they don't get it, then you are never going to get their dough and if they don't buy the idea, don't sweat it, someone else will.

3. Reward Levels - make the reward levels interesting. Think of it as a big garage sale in the sky. Would you buy someone else's junk? Likely, no. So, make the reward levels meaningful. Give them a bang for their buck. Don't bother posting a $1-10 reward level. Those small donors will give you what they can anyway if they like your idea. Aim higher. Also, eliminate the mid-level rewards, such as $250-750. I have noticed that people buy low and high. It's not like the stock market.

4. Support comes where you least expect it - Ask everyone & expect nothing should be the mantra with which you launch any campaign for funding. This is your baby & no one is as passionate as you about it so do not take it personally when no one seems as excited as you are. Just take copious notes to remember who gets placed on the "Do Not Call" list when they want free copies of your best-seller or tickets to the red carpet premier when it gets to the big screen. Payback's always sweet.

5. The Kickstarter Army Rocks - As a creative spirit, you are generally poor in pocket but rich in passion and united with many other counterparts seeking funding on Kickstarter. The truly dedicated artists support you through the process with encouragement, spreading the word via Twitter, backing your project to lift your spirits. We are a band of artistic brothers and sisters who don't know anything about each other except that we share a dream to realize our artistic vision. Sure, there are authors, musicians, film-makers who are just takers out there, but by and large the Kickstarter army sticks together.

Kickstarter - Crowd Funding

How is the Indie Book Project 'Amalfi Blue' doing so far?

Lisa Fantino's project goal is $ 8,999 for launching the novel. This amount or more needs to be pledged by the "End of the Pledge-Time" - September 25, 2012 - else the project will not be funded and the backers won't have to pay the pledged amounts.

Per September 4 there are 41 Backers who have pledged an amount of $1,792 (21 days left)

Per September 25 there are 67 Backers - pledged $9,065 (Project will be funded !) WTG!  

Rewards for the Backers in case the project will be funded are depending on the pledged amount. Have a look at this Kickstarter Project and find out the amazing rewards Lisa Fantino offers.

Indie Author News will update this Article and report if the project has been funded successfully. So, please, check back.

Links to the Author and the Project

Connect with Lisa Fantino on Twitter: @amalfibluebook

Link to Lisa Fantino's Blog

Link to the AmalfiBlue Kickstarter Project


Lee Tyler said...

I learned of this on a self-appointed 'nerd' site about entrepreneurs. If there were ever entrepreneurs, Indie Authors would definitely fall under such a category. Go Lisa and I'm heading over to Twitter to follow your posts. Please keep us all updated IAN!

Lisa at Amalfi Blue said...

Grazie tantissimo, Lee. I plan to write more on my blog on the process. Thank you

Lisa said...

FYI...this time I am giving indiegogo a try. You have more control over the project :)

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