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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

New Release: I Married a [Narcissist] Parasite (Dr. LL)

New Release: 
I Married a Narcissist Parasite - Dr. LL - ChickLit meets Self-Help (June 2012)
- Why Prince Harming Seduced You & How to Get Out -

About the Book

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This is a story of a love gone awry, a lesson learned almost too late, and a story of survival that will inspire others to set boundaries and goals in order to remain true to themselves and on the path toward personal happiness.

his book, through humor, song and real examples, discusses how Prince Harming, a narcissist, courted his maiden with a relentless zest, promised a fairy tale life if his Princess-to-be promised to do one or two or fifty things for him like work while he stayed home and trained for triathlons, buy herself a sparkly engagement ring to ward off all of the other would-be-Prince-suitors, move across the country to him and leave her family behind ... plus so much more.

And, if she ever challenged him or tried to escape, he would unleash his fury. Based on what else she had going on at the time, she went all-in, eyes wide shut. After all, he had her at "Princess" ...

About the Author

Dr. LL & Snooks on Indie Author News
Dr. LL as the author is known to friends and people in the research industry that she works in. She lives and runs in the NYC region with her rescue dog, Snooks, who has taught her about patience.

Dr.LL is a breast cancer survivor which has taught her about priorities. And her divorce taught her about boundaries. One of Dr. LL's hobbies (in addition to eating, laughing and story-telling over wine & 'tinis with her friends) is restoring antiques as well as historic homes and decorating them.

Her style, from personal to home decor, is something she calls, "Tradecco" - traditional with an art deco edge. She's always wanted to write a book but never imagined this one would be her entree into the field of indie publishing.

Connect with Dr. LL on Twitter: @drLLBell

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