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Friday, July 06, 2012

Featured Indie Book: My Trickster (Serafima Bogomolova)

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Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Psychological Thriller My Trickster by Serafima Bogomolova.

My Trickster is about feminine power and its magnetism, about male desires and inner longings, about strength and daring, about mind games and clashes of interests. The Book is dedicated to all strong, feminine, enigmatic women in the world, and to women who are in the process of learning how to be strong and confident.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon KDP Select, Smashwords & Lulu and is available as eBook and Paperback - released in Jan. 2012.

About the Book

When enigmatic Angela Moreaux, a woman he thought he had exorcised from his brain, calls and asks for his help, reluctant, but unable to resist, Juan MacBride, a hedge fund owner and an expert in stock market manipulation, flies out to Moscow.

On his arrival a bitter disappointment awaits him as he finds out that Angela fails to show up for their meeting in the Ritz. Instead, Juan is greeted by an elderly Swiss gentleman, who passes a mysterious note to him embarking Juan on a journey of discoveries that he wishes he never made...


Witty, intense, seductive, full of unexpected twists and mind-twisting turns, My Trickster is a psychological thriller that invites you to plunge into an exhilarating read comparable only to a Ferrari ride with a stunning woman in the driver's seat!

The book's artful plot and unforgettable characters provide a perfect back-drop for the following of gripping adventures of its main heroine, Angela Moreaux (La).

Written in simple but captivating and alluring style - My Trickster has a very distinct cinematographic feel to it.

My Trickster - Serafima Bogomolova

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] and the plot has till the very end new and totally unexpected twists. Even when you finish the book, you are still processing what really happened." - Ihu (Amazon)

- " 'My Trickster' by Serafima Bogomolova is a read not for the faint-hearted. It takes you on the roller-coaster ride where you will be confronted with scenes, which will leave you shocked, speechless and dosed to say the least." - Lucia (Amazon)

- "This book is just magical! [...] but this is also a beautiful picture, movie, painting, you will be traveling in this book, you will be dreaming, thinking, this book needs to be read!!!" - Mounia (Amazon)

About the Author

Serafima Bogomolova on Indie Author News
Serafima Bogomolova was born in the romantic and poetic city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Since then she traveled a lot and lived in different countries and cities, but the dynamics and urban cultures of such cities as London, New York, Moscow, and Dubai, where she lived and worked, attracts her the most. Currently she lives in Dubai, UAE on a beautiful stretch of Jumeira Beach.

Serafima Bogomolova loves to explore life and always stays open minded to anything or anyone who can show her new horizons. Even though she appreciates stories and books written by authors coming from different backgrounds; she was greatly inspired and influenced by Russian and English classics. Her favorite Russian author is Anton Chekhov, one of the greatest writers of short stories in history. He used to say: 'Brevity is the sister of talent.' Her favorite English author is John Fowles, a master of mystification in modern literature.

Her own writing journey started in October 2010 in New York where a certain sequence of events and meetings helped her to recognize her own talent. When she started My Trickster she was not quite aware of her own writing style, but as she progressed with the book it became very clear to her: a cinematographic writing style intertwined with sensuous descriptions to create a lasting impact on the reader.

Being a very sensual person, Serafima Bogomolova lives her life through feeling the world around her, and she's happy to share the feelings in her writings. In fiction, and also in real life, she's fascinated and drawn to thrillers and stories with a twist; these make her brains work and add a touch of exhilaration to her own existence that is in itself a life-long, mind-twisting novel.

Links to the Author and the Book

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Connect with Serafima Bogomolova on Twitter: @mytrickster

Link to the Book My Trickster (eBook) with Excerpt on Amazon

Link to the Book MyTrickster (Paperback) with Excerpt on Amazon

My Trickster - Read an Excerpt

This Book is like magic liquor.
Once you had a taste of it, you would crave for more!

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I tasted the flavor and i was amazed by the tendence ,visual expierence a woman and a shy girl.What apealing towards the style and rithme
is you can read it twice and its a novelle


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