Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Release: Leave Me Alone (Emiliana Erriquez)

New Release: 
Leave Me Alone - Emiliana Erriquez - Literary Fiction (2012)

About the Book

Leave Me Alone (Emiliana Erriquez)

The life of a young woman is told through her memories during one of her journeys and crosses a child's one who is living something able to upset the entire world. Love can save their lives?

About the Author

Emiliana Erriquez on Indie Author News
Emiliana Erriquez was born in Foggia, Italy in 1977. She has a Master of Arts and a Master in Translation (English-Italian).
She is a free-lance translator since 2004 and a journalist since 2007, she worked for some newspapers in Italy and directed for some time the economic website 'Helloimpresa'.

Emiliana won the prestigious Giuseppe Sciacca Award in 2006 with an essay called 'Oriana Fallaci: una vita vissuta in pienezza' about the well-known Italian author and journalist.
Emiliana Erriquez published her first novel 'Lasciami stare' in 2007 with Giovane Holden Edizioni. It was translated into English as 'Leave me alone'.

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