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Monday, May 28, 2012

New Release: Floodwater Zombies (Sean Thomas Fisher)

New Release: 
Floodwater Zombies - Sean Thomas Fisher - Horror / Zombie (2012)

About the Book

Floodwater Zombies - Sean Thomas Fisher
In these tough financial times, even funeral homes have to find ways to make cuts. However, when bodies are dumped so coffins can be “re-purposed”, someone has to pay the price. Rory thought losing his job and moving back in with his parents in Minot, North Dakota was his biggest problem, but a camping trip with old friends quickly proves him wrong. In a gut wrenching twist, he’s left fighting alongside his ex-girlfriend against hordes of the living dead and praying the rain will finally end.

Floodwater Zombies is 80,000 words and contains bloody violence and strong language.
(This Book is for Mature Readers only)

About the Author

Sean Thomas Fisher was born and raised in the eerie town of Des Moines, Iowa and is the author of the gripping novel - Cold Faith and Zombies. His other books include the novel - Floodwater Zombies, the ghost novella - Cold Summer Nights and two short stories - First Zombie and Second Zombie.

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laura thomas said...

Have got to get my hands on these zombie books. would be great books to review on my two blogs. Thanks for the heads up Alan!

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