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Featured Indie Book: Kade's Dark Embrace (Kym Grosso)

Kade's Dark Embrace (Kym Grosso)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Paranormal Romance Novel Kade's Dark Embrace by Kym Grosso.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon KDP Select. (Released: March 2012, approx. 194 pages)

Kade's Dark Embrace is currently available in eBook format on Amazon for Kindle and is the first book in the Immortals of New Orleans Series.

The novel Kade's Dark Embrace is a paranormal romance/thriller. It is almost an urban fantasy in that it is edgy, faced paced, has a strong female heroine and set within an urban location.

About the Book

After a series of girls are ritualistically murdered on the cold streets of Philadelphia, seasoned detective, Sydney Willows, is forced to work with sexy, alpha vampire, Kade Issacson. While working the case, Sydney finds herself inexplicably drawn to Kade, fighting the passion she feels towards him. Kade, determined to solve the case and mete out justice, is captivated by the independent, fiery detective.

As he attempts to protect her from a very real murderer, Kade grows concerned that the beautiful, but very human detective, could easily end up dead should she tangle with supernatural forces that are beyond her control.

The investigation leads them into a dark and dangerous world, deep in the heart of New Orleans, where together, they search for the perpetrators of the Voodoo killings. Sydney soon becomes the target of the killer and ends up fighting for her life and love in the Big Easy. If she makes it out alive, will she give into the intoxicating desire she feels for Kade?

Kade's Dark Embrace - Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] The storyline grabbed me immediately, and the relationship between the two main characters was extremely juicy! When it ended I was disappointed because I wanted to keep reading.[...]" - Karin (Amazon)

- "This great book captivated me from page 1! The author's writing style made the book come to life and made me feel like I was right there in Center City Philadelphia or in New Orleans! The story moved quickly and kept my attention through the entire book. I do hope there is not only a sequel, but a movie too!" - Patricia M. Rhee

- "[...]  I felt as if I was the heroine, and was feeling all of her emotions myself with the way the author wrote out each teasing scene. I highly recommend this spicy novel. I am impatiently waiting for the sequel." - K.S. Haigwood

About the Author

Kym Grosso on Indie Author News
Kym Grosso lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two children and their dog, Ace. Her hobbies include autism advocacy, reading, tennis, zumba and traveling. New Orleans is one of her favorite places to visit with its rich culture and unique cuisine. But Kym also loves traveling just about anywhere that has a beach or snow covered mountains.

Kym loves reading mysteries, romances and about all things vampires, werewolves and other supernaturals. She hopes that readers enjoy Kade's Dark Embrace and has already started writing the next book in the series, about Luca, due to be released in Summer 2012.

Kym Grosso's Writing Background:

Kade's Dark Embrace is Kym's debut paranormal romance novel. Kym has also written and published several articles about autism. She developed a late interest in writing after her son was diagnosed with autism and started advocating on his behalf.

Three years ago, Kym Grosso started her own website, www.AutismInRealLife.com and also blogs and writes articles for PsychologyToday.com.

Links to the Author and the Book

Link to Kym Grosso's Website about Autism in Real Life

Connect with Kym Grosso via Twitter @KymGrosso

Link to the Book Kade's Dark Embrace with Excerpt on Amazon

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