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Featured Indie Book: A Handful of Earth (Larisa Walk)

A Handful of Earth (Larisa Walk)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Historical Fantasy Novel A Handful of Earth by Larisa Walk.

A Handful of Earth is a historical fantasy novel, currently available in eBook format on Amazon, Kobo, and Sony..

Literally a 2-foot stack of research material went into writing A Handful of Earth. The book includes many specific historical details of the period, such as period clothing, diet, armor, housing, building techniques, population, religion, cultural taboos, contact between different - and often hostile to each other - cultures and how they learned to get along. The book includes Russian and Mongolian mythology and features a very strong protagonist that has both positive qualities and flaws.

About the Book

As the Mongol Horde draws near her tiny Russian principality, a spinster princess Yaroslava fears the worst. Her father is too old and ill to organize the defense. Yet her people would not follow her because she is a woman. The princes from the neighboring city-states and principalities won’t come to help because of the old feuds. Worse yet, Yaroslava receives a foretelling that she will betray her people.

Yelnik, the principality’s throne town, falls. Most of its defenders perish. Attractive women and craftsmen are taken into slavery. Yaroslava herself becomes a slave, destined to serve the Mongol khan as his concubine. In captivity she faces many enemies. Among them are: a Russian slave with a grudge; a fellow concubine that can kill with the power of the evil eye; her uncle whom Yaroslava mistakenly thinks she can trust.

To survive and regain freedom for herself and the other slaves from Yelnik, she will break a religious taboo against using magic, commit treason and defeat Vodyanoy, an elemental being that wishes to imprison her soul in its river for eternity.

A Handful of Earth - Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] It's a saga replete with psychological tension and struggle, and is a top recommendation." - Diane Donovan (Midwest Book Review)

- "An in-depth and detailed fictional story of an intriguing part of history and culture. The story is both captivating and magical. " - Sabotia (Amazon)

- "[...]  I would recommend this book to any historical fiction fan or someone who enjoys reading about Russia. I am looking forward to reading other books by this author. " - Anne B. (Amazon)

About the Author

Larisa Walk on Indie Author News
Larisa Walk is a dietitian, lactation consultant and parenting counselor that promotes peaceful parenting through building trust between parents and their children.

The rest of the time Larisa is a writer of fantasy, paranormal and historical fiction. She is a Reiki therapist, an animal whisperer and a communicator with ancient monuments (from a few thousand years back).

Larisa Walk was born and raised in Siberia, north of the Arctic circle where she grew up among Northern Lights, dilapidated Soviet era apartments and endless snow. Writing has been in her blood since childhood. She lives now in California with her Husband and two formerly homeless cats.

Larisa is working right now on a sequel to A Handful of Earth.

Links to the Author and the Book

Link to Larisa Walk's Website

Link to the Book A Handful of Earth with Excerpt on Amazon

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