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Featured Indie Book: Bad Luck Officer (Suzie Ivy)

Bad Luck Officer (Suzie Ivy)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: True Life Adventure Bad Luck Officer by Suzie Ivy.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and Bookie Jar and is available as eBook (approx. 72,000 words)

Bad Luck Officer (released in March 2012) is Suzie Ivy's true-life adventure story of her first 2 years as an officer. It covers Suzie's rookie mistakes and what led to her being the first female detective for her agency. Suzie loves to laugh at herself so she didn’t leave out the truly embarrassing moments even when she should.

Bad Luck Officer is Suzie Ivy's second book after Bad Luck Cadet which gives you all the background how Suzie became a Police Officer at the age of 45.
Both books are stand-alone's and it is not necessary to read Bad Luck Cadet first.

About the Book

At the age of 45 Suzie Ivy survived the police academy.

Now she needs to learn the lessons that only working as a cop on the streets can teach her. She is the first female officer in Small Town, Arizona and the town has some adjustments to make as well.

Bad Luck Officer takes you through Suzie’s rookie year, and the next, as her desire to become a detective grows. Triumphs and failures are met with humor and perseverance in order for Suzie to live her dream.

Her life as the first female officer in Small Town, Arizona begins. From pink handcuffs to a shotgun named The Rock (Rock Hudson), life in Small Town will never be the same. Bad Luck Officer takes you for a joy ride as Suzie works her first two “cop” years on the streets. Bulls, bad guys and humor will get her through the career of her dreams and prove, dreams really do come true.

This is the true-life adventure of a woman faced with a midlife crisis and empty nest syndrome. There are no tears in baseball but there are hidden tears in law enforcement when Suzie Ivy is on the case. Her expandable baton is bigger than your bat.

Bad Luck Officer (Suzie Ivy) - Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] I enjoyed every moment with Suzie and can't wait for the next chapter in this ongoing saga!" - C J Mac (Amazon)

- "[...] The incidents she deals with are by turns amusing, shocking, and very moving. It's written as a true story, [...]. Nothing in this book is boring; she writes simply and clearly, and has a gift for describing her characters and bringing them to life.[...]" - Tim Vicary (Amazon)

- "[...] Suzie Ivy bares and shares it all with humor, passion and candor, making Bad Luck Officer a riveting read that you won't be able to put down until the very end. Go Ms. Ivy! " - Below the Salt (Amazon)

All reviews the book received so far are 5-Star Reviews

About the Author

Suzie Ivy works as a police detective in a small Arizona town.

She lives with her husband of more than thirty years, two dogs, a horse and four humongous goldfish.

It all began when she was forty-five years old and decided to lose weight, get in shape and attend the police academy. 
When Suzie's not working on her next big case, you can find her writing, gardening, taking care of her horse and dogs or playing dominoes with her husband.

She writes about the humorous side of her career in law enforcement as she stumbles through her mid-life adventure.
Suzie also writes romance fiction under the name D’Elen McClain.

Links to the Author and the Book

Link to Suzie Ivy's Website

Connect with Suzie Ivy via Twitter @SuzieIvy

Link to the Book Bad Luck Officer with Excerpt on Amazon


Unknown said...

That was one hell of a book. I've become an ardent fan of Ms Ivy. Can't wait for the next installment!

Suzie Ivy said...

Thank you Megan, I'm working on the next book and it's going great!

Suzie Ivy said...

Thank you Indie Author News for featuring my book.

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