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Featured Indie Book: Mutant Hunter: The Slicks (Stephen R. Cox)

Mutant Hunter - Click to Read an Excerpt
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Post-apocalyptic Action Adventure Mutant Hunter: The Slicks by Stephen R. Cox.

The Hugo Award-winning artist Michael Whelan is Cox’s partner in the Mutant Hunter series. His cover paintings and illustrations are integral to the novels. Whelan has illustrated books for Robert Heinlein, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Anne McCaffrey and H.P. Lovecraft, to name a few. His talented and visionary translation of Cox’s words capture the violent, wild and fantastic imagery of the mutant hunter’s world.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook on Amazon – 370 pages - released in March 2012.

About the Book

Enter a wormhole in Hell, come out in the Slicks.

It’s hard to imagine a worse place on Earth because there isn’t one. The uncharted no-man’s land covers a fifth of the planet in a polluted, stinking swamp of crude oil, sludge and radioactive waste. The fumes trigger psychotropic reactions in those who venture into the dark and foreboding wasteland. Bizarre and dangerous creatures crawl out of the toxic slime and walk on two legs. Going in is hard – getting out alive is damn near impossible.

The Slicks is a nightmare and Leon Miller has chased a mutant deep into its malignant territory. And it’s not just any mutant he chases. It’s the Holy Grail – Number Six – the last of the government’s Ten Most Wanted Mutants.

Every soldier of fortune and mutant hunter wannabe on the planet wants a piece of Number Six. The bounty is a record. Killing the mutant would make one a legend. Few, however, have the intelligence, resources or the nerve to go after him. Fewer still will risk tracking Number Six’s spoor into the Slicks.

One who will is Trills, the personal mercenary of the New States’ corrupt High Counsel. Trills, who wants Number Six dead, admires Miller’s mutant hunting skills, but he also sees the bounty hunter as a threat: one that could steal his glory, or worse, bring Number Six back alive.

THE SLICKS picks up where LEGENDS OF THE FALLOUT left off. The woman is still in play. The world is still a freak show. And now, the mutants have a bomb.

Mutant Hunter: The Slicks (Stephen R Cox)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- “If you want a good story that is well-written, rapid fire, and entertaining as hell, THE SLICKS the ticket. I recommend it.” - Longstreet (Amazon)

- “[...] his ability to develop characters that come alive within the story and serve to bring a sense of reality to a setting that seems entirely unreal. The dialogue between the characters is realistic and believable. Of particular note were the interactions between the handsome and debonair fighter pilot cum mercenary Horn, and the crass and heartless tracker Treadlow. Many other relationships are developed fully during the course of the book making the entire story quickly paced and interesting. The book has an ending that you will never guess.” - Hack (Amazon)

- “Great read. Truly could not put it down. I loved the rich, precise description of characters, I am already wondering who would play "Lows" in the movie. Very entertaining, can't wait for the next one! Does Lows die, does Miller get the girl and number six? ” - Ree Kilpatrick

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Stephen R Cox
Author Stephen R. Cox

Stephen R. Cox was born in Oklahoma and now lives in New Mexico. In the 1980s he wrote four novels as a writer-for-hire for Gold Eagle Books under the pseudonym Ben Sloane.

Since then he has published four novels, an autobiography and a book of short stories, all under his own name.

Influences on Cox’s writing include Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King, Hunter S. Thompson and Jack London.

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Mutant Hunter - Click to Read an Excerpt