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Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Critiques – Why are they Important to your Book Sales?

Authors who publish their own books have the same story. An author writes a manuscript/book and based on their budget decides to get it published or seeks the self-published method and seeks advice along the way from other authors and information they find online. They then discover they need a e-book version of the book and a cover to boot! All along never once seeking professional help from a marketing or advertising firm to get their book critiqued. They just assume its way to expense to have a professional look that their book. What if they don’t like it? Would they have to start over from scratch? The author is bursting at the seams to get the book out to see what their audience says…but rarely do they ask for a professional point of view and if they do, they know they have to be emotionally detached from their book to take the pointers. Review-Worm.com offers this service to all of our authors at below market prices. In the long run, they get frustrated that they have no book sales and even give their books away in most cases.

Writing is a creative, often solitary work. Marketing means connecting with a larger network of people, bringing the work you’ve created to a larger audience. While authors are emotionally attached to their work, marketing a book takes “real” skill and is not for the weak. An author these days has to be a “jack of all trades” in order to create great sales and get their books into the hands of those with huge networks or play the solid game with Amazon and follow their ridge rules of no professional reviews only the average Joe because they only want to push authors to their services that they approve. We know the frustration of authors and honestly the consumer is just as frustrated. They seek “book trailers” now just like “movie trailers” in order to know if they want to spend the $5.99 -$12.99 for a book to stop them long enough to enjoy.

Start Marketing Before You Write the Book

Self-publishers—especially nonfiction authors—gives themselves the best chance of success by focusing on how they will market the book before they write it. Why? How your book addresses the basic question of the readers you hope to sell it to will be crucial in how well it’s received in the market. Before you decide to promote your book, create a “buzz” in the marketplace; give your audience a “taste” of what is to come. Create Hype, just like the movie houses do.

Book Reviews for Book Marketing

The first form of marketing most self-publishers explore is book reviews. Since a review is editorial content is should be written by someone that is biased and not a friend or family member or even another author friend of yours that would never tell you truly what they though. Readers can always go to Amazon and read the blurb that the average Joe decides you deserve on your book, however, average Joe as you read those reviews, has forgotten major points and areas of your book that if they were included could increase your sales. Readers enjoy a variety of reviews advertising and biased viewpoints sell a book. Review-Worm.com offers just such service. We don’t miss a beat of your book, because you as an author are able to select the audience that will truly purchase your book to read. You decide on who reads the book. If you score less than a 4 star review with us, we offer a critique to help you enhance and boost your sales by accepting our changes. Book Sales are what make the difference, even if you just love to write a book, if it’s not enjoyed by multiple stacked audience then really what’s the point of publishing it? Review-Worm.com offers “honest, biased” viewpoints. You can then take the review and slice this in many areas for social media hype and blurbs to send out to the public on blogs, websites and social media sites. Your marketing ideas for your book contain both the reason you wrote it and the people who stand to benefit from it. Understanding these two poles, it’s a lot easier to figure out how to start the communication that will become your marketing effort.

Over 1,000 books are being published every day, and it’s up to you to make sure your book stands out.

Here are some hard facts:

- New data from the Association of American Publishers shows that a lot of y’all got e-readers over the holidays. Year-over-year, e-book sales have skyrocketed, especially for young adult and kids’ titles. In January 2011, publishers sold 3.9 million children’s and young adults e-books. One year later, that monthly sales figure is up to a whopping 22.6 million. For the older set, e-books are also showing huge growth, surging from 66.6 million e-books sold in January 2011 to 99.5 million sold in January 2012.

- In fact, adult e-books are set to overtake adult paperbacks as the highest volume product for publishers in America. This past January, paperbacks outsold e-books by less than 6 million units; if e-book market growth continues, it will have far outpaced paperbacks to become the number-one category for U.S. publishers.

Be Authentic …
Writers turn into Self-publishers, and then become authors. Some people are natural writers, but the rest of us need professional editing to keep those books on the self and not landing in our bookshelves.

It’s important to connect with readers by writing in an authentic way, text described in a way that comes right out of your own experience. Writing is a creative expression of text that allows each of us to communicate from our unique optimal point of view and our own view of the world. Whether we’re describing a scene from our memory, the details of a scene in a historical romance, or explaining the way geology has formed the American landscape, we need the skill to trust our own instincts and write our own truth. When writing is authentic, regardless of its subject matter, it speaks the reader and draws them into the author’s world. Should be seeking professional editors for your book, even if it’s in a 1st stage of development, please visit us at Review-Worm.com and allow our Professional Editors to create a “best seller” that you will be proud to put your name on. Our Editors have been hand selected and work in this field. We offer special pricing for struggling authors and we strongly encourage you to at least allow us to review your work for a small investment of $100 before you publish or in your first round of promotion so that we can create a plan of gaining a great following for your specific audience.

Visit Review-Worm and meet up with their Editors and Reviewers.

~JaVonna Smith

JaVonna Smith is the Owner of Review-Worm.com and Small Business Solutions Frisco where she assists authors with developing the best foundations for their books. For more information visit the Review-Worm.com .

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