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Sunday, November 21, 2021

TOP 50 (21-30) INDIE BOOKS

Readers' Choice

Top 50 - December 2021

30. (-) CRASH
- Kelly Gendron
Contemporary Romance

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

Three years ago, on a dare, I "married" my best friend's sister and the next day, my best friend died. Maggie Mae is back in town and she wants a divorce. The thing is, we're not really married
At least, I didn't think we were...

Remember that guy in high school every girl wanted
Well, that sexy bastard was my brother's best friend
With a mouth that always knew exactly what to say and a body that wouldn't quit
Crash Kane was pure perfection
Perfect until he was almost mine

Remember that girl in high school every guy wanted
Maggie Mae was NOT that girl
While she wasn't every guy's dream
She was mine
She was also my best friend's sister
And, like most guys, I knew the rules

Abandoned love, lost dreams and broken hearts. Sometimes, you're going so fast, you don't feel the CRASH!

29. (29) In the Line of Duty
- Carolyn Arnold
Mystery / Crime Fiction

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice
He devoted his life to seeking justice. But would she get any for him?

It was an ordinary day for police officer Barry Weir. It was the end of shift, he was tired, and he just wanted to get home to his wife and kids. But someone had other plans for him, shooting him down and forcing him to make the ultimate sacrifice.

When news of Weir’s murder reaches the department, it leaves Detective Madison Knight and every cop in the Stiles PD itching for revenge. It cuts Madison’s boyfriend, colleague, and Weir’s childhood friend, Troy Matthews, deepest of all, driving him away from everyone he loves just when they need one another the most.

With evidence pointing to a gang-related drive-by, Madison and her team investigate the town’s seedy underbelly in search of justice for their fallen brother. But the deeper they dig, the more convoluted the case becomes. Now they need to figure out if this was a random shooting as part of a gang initiation, a straight-up hate crime, or a targeted kill. But with members of the Stiles PD under attack, they have to do it fast…before more officers pay with their lives.

28. (30) Becoming
- Jourdyn Kelly
Lesbian Contemporary Romance

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

Rebecca Cuinn lost control of her life once before, and she spent many years learning how to take it back. As Mistress and owner of an exclusive BDSM club, Rebecca now had control by the balls. She wasn't about to lose it again by falling in love. Unfortunately, her heart wasn't playing by Rebecca's rules. She always was a sucker for androgynous, sexy women. But did the one that threatened to make her break all her rules have to be so young?

Cass Giles defied authority. So, when she was dragged to a BDSM sex club for a bachelorette party, she refused to let go of her judgments and have fun. No way she would submit to someone who's sole purpose was to hurt you. Just wasn't her scene. That is until that "scene" included the mysterious Mistress. Now Cass was willingly breaking the rules just for a taste of Mistress's punishment. But it wasn't just Mistress she wanted. She wanted the woman underneath the mask. And she would do everything she could to prove they were meant to be.

27. (23) Biker's Baby Girl
- Jordan Silver
New Adult Romance / MC Romance)

Creed is an ex sharpshooter turned bike crew President, with a rough upbringing and the scars to prove it. Nine years ago an old drunk offered him his twelve-year-old daughter for his next pint. Knowing that as crazy as he was - he was still the kid’s best bet, he took the deal. He left her with an aunt he thought he could trust because Uncle Sam owned his ass for the next little while, and he had no choice.

Then his babygirl turned eighteen and things went south, literally. He knew he had to stay away from her or she’d be under him before she could blink, but he made a deal with himself.
When his babygirl hit twenty-one he was taking her no matter what.

Her birthday was three days away and though he’d kept his distance for the last two and a half years he’s been keeping tabs on her. It was time to collect.

26. (-) The Last Everything
- Frank Kennedy
Young Adult Science Fiction Adventure

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

The Last Everything tells the last eight hours in the life of Jamie Sheridan, a 17-year-old on the run who discovers his life is more than just a lie - he was brought here from a different universe to serve an explosive purpose that is about to come to fruition.

Jamie, whose life in the small town of Albion, Alabama, already left him disillusioned, must now face the shocking reality that people he has known all his life are hunting him down, determined he must die before the clock ticks to zero.

Facing a new, seemingly hopeless reality, Jamie must rely on his only two friends - Sammie and Michael - and a new, dark entity preparing to be born within him.

This action-oriented story takes place almost entirely within eight hours but launches a four-book saga that ensnares two universes.

Joseph Lewis - Betrayed
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25. (21) The Gorgon Bride
- Galen Surlak-Ramsey

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

Except when you piss them off.
Then they suck.
They really, really suck.


Alexander Weiss discovers this tidbit when he inadvertently insults Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, and she casts him away on a forgotten isle filled with statues.

Being marooned is bad enough, but the fact that the island is also the home of Euryale, elder sister to Medusa, makes the situation a touch worse. The only thing keeping Alex from being petrified is the fact that Euryale has taken a liking to the blundering mortal.

For now.

What follows next is a wild, adventurous tale filled with heroes, gods, monsters, love, and war that is nothing short of legendary.

24. (-) Silkworm
- Kevin Land Patrick

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

Manipulation for altruistic gain masks greed. Terrorists have committed the unthinkable, nuclear and conventional attacks on the world’s vulnerable infrastructure. A group so powerful that many of the events of the last half-century may be tied to them. Elle Hardwick isn’t the standard CIA operative and her means and methods aren’t conventional. She won’t stop in her hunt for them across the globe and ultimately into the White House.

1987, the “Tanker War” escalates in the Gulf as the Iran-Iraq War moves into its 7th year. Tankers and their escorts are attacked, crashing the world’s markets. Black Monday. 2010, the unexplained Flash Crisis nearly triggers a global recession. And two years ago, nuclear terrorism against America’s vulnerable water and electrical infrastructure triggers recession and massive loss of life. Now, an attack by a rogue North Korean artillery base decimates Seoul. All the attacks are traced to one organization, led by men who hide in plain sight.

As the attacks escalate, the world’s intelligence agencies are infiltrated, compromised. For Elle Hardwick, an CIA officer unconventional in every way, the solution is simple, assemble trusted team members and go dark from Langley before the group launches an attack that will push the world into economic ruin. Hours are all that Elle has as she hunts them across the globe and ultimately into the White House.

23. (11) No Ordinary Duke
- Sophie Barnes
Historical Romance

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

He’s everything she’s trying to avoid…But somehow precisely what she needs…

Caleb Crawford doesn’t want to be a duke. He’d much rather build houses for a living. So when fate disrupts his peaceful life and burdens him with the responsibilities of a newly inherited title, he does what any sensible man would do by fleeing London, disguising himself as a laborer, and seeking refuge with three young spinsters who need his help with a leaky roof.

Ruined by a marquess who promised her the world, Mary Clemens has sworn to avoid marriage forever. Instead, she intends to live out her days with her friends and the orphaned children they’ve taken into their care. But when Mr. Crawford comes knocking, Mary finds herself in real danger of risking heartbreak all over again. Especially when she discovers that he’s not at all what he seems.

22. (16) Finding Claire Fletcher
- Lisa Regan
Mystery / Suspense

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

Newly divorced and with his career in jeopardy, Detective Connor Parks takes solace in the arms of a beautiful woman he meets at a bar. The next morning, Claire Fletcher is gone, leaving nothing behind but an address and a decade-old mystery. The address leads to the Fletcher family home where Claire’s siblings inform Connor that their fifteen-year-old sister was abducted from a city street ten years ago and is presumed dead.

During those ten years, Claire endured the cruel torture and depravity of the man who abducted her. Paralyzed by fear and too ashamed to return to her family, Claire is resigned to her life as Lynn, the identity her abductor forced upon her. Every time she attempts escape or betrays him in the smallest way, someone dies. Even now, her clandestine run-in with Connor Parks may have put his life at risk, as well as the lives of her family.

Connor is convinced that not only is Claire Fletcher alive, but that she is also the woman he met at the bar. Driven to see her again, he begins his own investigation, off the clock and without the police department's consent. He is determined to find her and unravel the mystery of her abduction and odd reemergence. But finding Claire Fletcher proves more dangerous than he anticipates. In fact, it may be deadly.

21. (12) How We Fall
- Melissa Toppen

TOP 50 Book - Indie Author News - Readers' Choice

It’s not always about how we fall- it’s about where we end up once we land.

I remember the very first time I laid eyes on Cole Lincoln. It still feels like yesterday when he stumbled into my life with his messy brown hair and dark eyes. Even though I was only ten years old at the time, I knew right then and there that he was going to change everything.

From that point on Cole and I were always together—inseparable—and I naively believed we’d be best friends forever. But forever didn’t last nearly as long as I expected.

We grew up and grew apart, life driving the distance between us, but my love for Cole never faltered. Even long after he moved away, leaving me and our little town behind, I still carried a piece of him with me every single day. Because Cole wasn’t just my childhood best friend- the boy who knew me better than anyone else in the whole world. He was also my first love- a part of my very core.

When a tragic death brings us face to face again after six years, every single memory comes rushing to the surface. Only this is not the boy I fell in love with all those years ago. The man before me is hardened, intimidating, and so damn sexy I practically melt when those dark eyes meet mine for the first time in six years.

And like the first time he walked into my life, I know with complete certainty that everything is about to change.

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