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Thursday, May 06, 2021

New Indie Book Release: The Prophecy of Freialen (Ashlee Lynn)

New Indie Book Release: 
The Prophecy of Freialen - Ashlee Lynn
Fantasy (103 Pages - May 2021)

The Prophecy of Freialen follows the story of a Demigod named Freialen. Her father is the Norse God, Odin. She leaves Asgard to fulfill her destiny and find her fated mates. Challenges immediately follow, and she does whatever it takes to overcome them.  

About the Book

The Prophecy of Freialen (Ashlee Lynn)
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For Freialen, life just got more complicated.

Born into a magical world, Freialen never understood how chaotic her life was about to become.
Being both the daughter of Odin, a Norse God, and having a mother with powerful witch bloodlines.
Freialen was destined for greatness.

Only now, she must leave Asgard, the only home she has ever known, and embark on a dangerous journey to gain her true powers and the destiny that awaits her with her fated mates.

To make matters worse, a battle is brewing and causing unexpected enemies. Desperate to find her mates and her powers, Freialen will stop at nothing to succeed.

About the Author

Author Ashlee Lynn
Author Ashlee Lynn
Ashlee Lynn 
is from Southern California, but spent a couple years in Germany. She is a mother of a rather 'spicy' 8-year-old girl, who keeps her days busy and heart full. 

When she is not writing, she can be found; reading, cooking, watching movies or spending time with her family and fur babies. She is on the blog team for Rabid Readers Book Blog. 

She is always a reader first and foremost, who loves to connect with other reading fans. 

She encourages you to interact with her about books you've read and recommend, thoughts and reactions about her book(s) or maybe just to swap pictures of pets. 

Connect with Ashlee Lynn via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @AuthorAshleeL

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