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Sunday, May 02, 2021

New Indie Book Release: Confidentiality (Pete Wilke)

New Indie Book Release: 
Confidentiality - Pete Wilke
Legal Thriller (394 Pages - April 2021)

Confidentiality is about a complex civil court case involving the Central California vineyard/wine market, involving three different law firms, one fantastically corrupt defendant, and a flawed but likeable protagonist struggling to balance family, health & profession in the midst of the chaos.  

About the Book

Confidentiality (Pete Wilke)
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Robert Sinclair, Esq. has some version of it all: the Holmby Hills mansion, a cherry Austin Healey rag-top; a four-year-old son who adores him, and a gorgeous wife (who doesn’t). There’s at least one good friend, a boat he occasionally sleeps on, and his private law practice, managed by the capable and comedic (by her own estimation) Florence Bull. “It’s a wonderful world,” he likes to say, but there are problems; his, at the moment, are three-fold: 

One: His marriage to that gorgeous wife is on the rocks; Two: a lingering head injury has ratcheted up, untimely because, Three: Robert is neck-deep in the most complex civil case of his career, defending the fantastically corrupt Phil Pearson, whose acts of fraud, manipulation, and potentially murder have destroyed a huge segment of the Central California table grape vineyard market. Of course, a new and inappropriate relationship with opposing counsel helps tip his life into a teetering pile of chaos.

This irreverent legal drama by writer and longtime attorney, Pete Wilke, explores the ephemeral meaning of its title, with a slate of colorful characters who drive a narrative that’s compelling from a legal standpoint, provocative from a psychological one, and as wildly entertaining and unpredictable as the roller coaster ride that is Robert Sinclair’s life.

About the Author

Author Pete Wilke
Author Pete Wilke
Pete Wilke 
is a long-time Los Angeles-area attorney specializing in securities, private placement, and investor documentation, particularly for emerging businesses, and independent film production and its many ancillary elements.

He is also a writer and producer; his original musical, Country the Musical, was produced to critical acclaim (LA Times, etc.) at Santa Ana’s Crazy Horse Steakhouse & Saloon in 1999, and later for a taped production (in 2000) at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield. All twenty of the soundtrack songs (music and lyrics written by Pete), were recorded in both Nashville and Los Angeles, and can be heard by accessing the Music Page on the show’s website, or by clicking over to the show’s SoundCloud page. Given resurgent interest, new production opportunities for this evergreen work are being explored.

A solo singer/songwriter in his own right, he wrote, produced, and performed a 12-song album titled, Down From Montana, which was recorded in Nashville with some of the city’s finest players and producers. The project has been enthusiastically received by listeners across the country, including Montana radio stations, and can be accessed on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

When he decided take another creative leap—this time in “novel” form—he conjured up a story that taps his estimable legal expertise, his appreciation for irreverent humor, as well as his unique storytelling voice. It’s a complex, sexy, suspenseful read, and he hopes you enjoy it as much as he did writing it.

Pete lives with his wife, author/singer Lorraine Devon Wilke, Author of the 5-STAR Bestseller 'After The Sucker Punch, in Playa del Rey, CA; his two grown children, Jennie Wilke Willens and Dillon Wilke, and their families, nearby. 

Connect with Pete Wilke via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @PeteWilke1

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