Thursday, January 28, 2021

New Indie Book Release: This Just In - A Zombie Novel (Lisa Fedel)

New Indie Book Release: 
This Just In: A Zombie Novel - Lisa Fedel
Fantasy - Zombie Apocalypse (338 Pages - January 2021)

This Just In: A Zombie Novel is about what would really happen if the author was inserted into a scenario like the movies she enjoys. Each character is developed to be very true to life. The novel has some frightening scenes, but there are also laugh out loud moments.

About the Book

This Just In - A Zombie Novel (Lisa Fedel)
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Adrian Chase always thought the zombie apocalypse would be fun; you bash in a few heads, gather up some food, and go on your merry way. 

But when reporters and journalists in her news building begin turning into flesh eating monsters, however, she realizes it's very different than what she's seen in movies. 

Armed with barely any food, a couple of Nerf weapons, and a vague idea of what is happening, she and a rag tag team of employees fight to survive as long as possible in their situation. 

Tensions quickly get high as people turn, both against each other and into zombies, what is happening becomes more and more apparent, and they're stuck in a small room in a small building.

About the Author

Author Lisa Fedel
Author Lisa Fedel
Lisa Fedel
 hates talking about herself, and in fact found writing her author bio synonymous to setting up a dating profile. When she must, however, she chooses to use the funnel method, which is the most fun way to write essays. 

She is a font fanatic (Comic Sans FTW) with a traumatic brain injury and an interest in everything serial killer and cryptid (hey, they tell you to “write what you know”). 

She became an author purely out of spite to prove she could do it. For reasons far beyond her comprehension, while writing her zombie novel, she decided to go vegan. 

She has been to Springfield, Ohio once.

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