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New Indie Book Release: Take it on Faith (Jessie Marie)

New Indie Book Release: 
Take it on Faith - Jessie Marie
Contemporary Romance (308 Pages - October 2020)

Take it on Faith is a friends-to-lovers, second chance romance about two friends who reconnect after an event that tore them apart. A standalone novel about the dangers of second chances and unrequited love…especially when it’s had years to burn. 

About the Book

Take it on Faith (Jessie Marie)
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Alicia Jones scored her dream job. But what if it comes with a price?

Everyone thinks I’m making a mistake by marrying upcoming college football star Michael Smith. Everyone, that is, except my parents…and Michael. 

But I know best. Michael is everything that a girl could dream of - he’s generous, sexy, compassionate, fun-loving, and most of all, stable. I have everything I could ever want.

So when I bump into flaky, free as a bird Andrew Parker, years after the fight that ended our friendship, I think nothing of it. 
Sure, we can be friends. 
Sure, let’s have an adventure as I chase my dream job.

Of course I will be able to handle being in confined spaces for long periods of time with the man that always believed in me, convinced me to chase my dreams, stole my heart years ago, maybe didn’t give it back, and is looking hotter than ever. Right?


About the Author

Author Jessie Marie
Author Jessie Marie
Crisis handler by day and writer by night, Jessie Marie often finds herself wrapped up in the tales of humanity. She cultivated an appetite for a good story from the moment she could read, and it led to her desire to create some stories of her own.

When she's not writing or providing resources for students at a small SoCal film school, she can be found driving into the sunset while listening to the Foo Fighters, sinking her toes in the sand, or reveling in the beauty of a good meal. 

She also enjoys hanging out with her better half and favorite tiny human.

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