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New Indie Book Release: Book Zero (Peter Bach)

New Indie Book Release:
Book Zero - Peter Bach 
Fantasy / Science-Fiction (308 Pages - December 2020)

Book Zero mashes historical myths to relate to the present day, while extending it conspiratorial into a fantastic future.

About the Book

Book Zero (Peter Bach)
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To advance society, it takes a body count. Have you noticed? Because the gods and elite establishment want their future. It is only human to crush the competition and kill for a better tomorrow, or is it?
Balance Kenkovan, thought so as he skated through life on the GI bill in 2300 AD, in a cyber-controlled world which solves problems — no attention to the flotsam and jetsam of deadly technologies needed.   His ideas applied to bio-science by another student begets a nanorobot swarm. 

Life on earth faces obliteration. Yet, the world solves the crisis. The military kills the leaks, and recruits Balance as a world government Shadow Chaser. As promised, our brighter tomorrow still comes. Yet for Balance, under the establishment’s pressured control, he gets forged into the defender of government wrongs.

Chasing shadows, he climbs the elite ladder, while those genuinely in power topple society in a war amongst themselves. Most Humans don’t make it. Evil picks up where civilization drops it. And the world becomes a garden of dim, brutal Humanity. Dragons, wizards, and many mutant creatures now set Humanity’s future. 

Salvation rests in two genuine powers remaining to help or hinder Humanity, the controlling homicidal female, Isis, and Osiris, the male who forgot he was a god. Balance survives despite his sister-wife's intentions. Living, but not entirely understanding what he can do or which side he is on- the Humans, or the Anunnaki gods.

About the Author

Author Peter Bach
Author Peter Bach
Peter Bach
 reads chapters of his book at wine bars. It's engaging, but he's often unsure if it's the Goblin Porn flirtations with his work or the higher collective issues of humanity as challenged in the characters involved. The fellow collects bartender beta readers, and has been doing this for over 10 years. He understands he's getting around to publishing the first of his 12 novel series. 

His flare for present day political humor is evident. He might be crossing lines when the plant people enter relationships with humans. 

How far do you want to take interspecies meanderings to illustrate present day interracial plights? The man pushes envelopes and leaves them unsealed.

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