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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

New Indie Book Release: The People Eaters (Bret Tallent)

New Indie Book Release:
The People Eaters - Bret Tallent
Horror (456 Pages - August 2020)

The People Eaters takes a Ute legend, along with several other actual occurrences from history, and asks the question, "what if?"

About the Book

The People Eaters (Bret Tallent)
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The People Eaters talk in the wind and torment you in your dreams.

They call an enormous blizzard to their aid and fall upon the tiny mountain town of Copper Creek. The residents and visitors of this quaint village have more to fear than the raging blizzard that has cut off their town from the rest of the world. They have more to fear than the nightmares they can't quite remember in the morning.

The People Eaters have come to feed. This is a fast-paced heart-pounding fear fest. It follows the lives of a small group trying to survive the greatest horror they have ever known, and an enemy like no other on earth. Johnny Silversmith is a half-Ute Park Ranger with supernatural powers living in the town of Copper Creek. His knowledge of the People Eaters legend may be the only thing that can bring this group together to fight for their lives, and save the souls of the town of Copper Creek.

It is up to Johnny to finish what his ancestors had started that Winter the Stars Fell.

About the Author

Author Bret Tallent
Author Bret Tallent

Bret Tallent grew up in the southwestern United States where he gained an appreciation for the Native people's culture and traditions.

He has since lived all over the country but now resides in Arizona with his family. While Bret has written poetry and non-fiction, his true love is classic horror with a great creature.

"My goal as a writer is to pull the reader into my nightmares and let them roam around in them..."

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