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New Indie Book Release: Prince(ss) - A fair(l)y (odd) tale (Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt)

New Indie Book Release:
Prince(ss): A fair(l)y (odd) tale - Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt
Epic LGBTQ+ Fantasy (389 Pages - July 2020)

Prince(ss): A fair(l)y (odd) tale is an epic fantasy tale that just happens to have LGBTQ+ characters-they aren't tokens, caricatures, or plot devices-who have amazing adventures that aren't defined by their sexualities. To everyone looking for this type of story: I see you. This one's for you!

About the Book

Prince(ss) - A fair(l)y (odd) tale (Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt)
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Prince Julian Stoneshire, heir to the throne of a powerful kingdom, has spent his entire life taking all that he has and all those around him for granted.

His disagreeable behavior attracts the attention of a powerful sorceress, and, as women have borne the brunt of his ill-treatment, she decides to teach him a lesson by making him take a walk in their shoes—quite literally. Transformed by a powerful curse, the newly-christened "Juliane" must leave all he has ever known behind and journey to obtain the cure that will restore him to his male form.

Accompanied by the sorceress’s daughter Liliana, a capable warrior who has taken pity upon him, he must face terrifying monsters, treacherous magic-users, and legendary creatures both friendly and hostile—all while fending off calculating would-be paramours and trying to decipher his unexpected feelings for his traveling companion—in order to be restored to his “true form.”

Juliane’s journey might teach him more than just how to be a wiser, kinder Juliane—it might show him that there is more to him (her?) than (s)he had ever imagined.

About the Author

Author Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt
Author Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt
Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt (they/them or she/her) is a queer nonbinary femme who grew up dreaming of high fantasy, swords-and-sorcery stories featuring people like them and decided to write them as an adult. They have written one, but hope to write many more.

They live in New England with their wife, AJ, and their catbaby, Gage, in a home they share with two close friends. When they aren't writing they can be found helping LGBTQ+ kids and adults (as well as other folks who need their help) at their day job as a therapist, and they like to travel, hike, take photos, read, attend live music shows, sing in a punk cover band, and enjoy all things spooky during their spare time.

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