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Friday, August 14, 2020

New Indie Book Release: PINK PANTHERS: The Greatest Thieves in the World (Neboysha Saikovski)

New Indie Book Release:
PINK PANTHERS: The Greatest Thieves in the World - Neboysha Saikovski
Crime Thriller (490 Pages - June 2020)

PINK PANTHERS: The Greatest Thieves in the World is an adventure drama that shows the correlation of organized crime, social anomalies, wars, and interests of the great who ruthlessly manipulate and destroy the lives of the small, from individuals to nations. "Gripping, enthralling thriller about the infamous international Pink Panthers gang of diamond thieves [...]"

About the Book

PINK PANTHERS: The Greatest Thieves in the World (Neboysha Saikovski)
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Ocean's Eleven meets The Sopranos in this real-life story thriller about the infamous Pink Panthers gang of diamond thieves which has it all, shocking war and political drama, sweeping dialogue, dark humor, well-placed twists and flashbacks, and sufficient heist action scenes and crime thriller suspense to keep you constantly engaged. A powerful blend of true story real-life situations and crime thriller. One elevates the other, making this novel's theme all the more important in today's world...

If you’re curious what it’s like to be a Pink Panther, read this book. If you have the courage, dare follow the steps of our heroes, embark on an action-adventure with the Pink Panthers, and personally experience the world’s most famous diamond robberies. Furthermore, find out how diamonds are made and come to that array of glittering shops, from the hot sands of Africa where greedy corporations exploit human and mineral resources in collaboration with corrupt politicians, through shining modern Europe all the way to Dubai.

Get to know the dark world behind all that glitter and glow of riches, touch the blood, sweat, and tears that they represent in reality.

About the Author

Author Neboysha Saikovski
Author Neboysha Saikovski
Neboysha Saikovski is the author working on the Pink Panthers trilogy series, including the first novel “The Greatest Thieves in the World”, which was published globally in June this year.

As a logistics specialist having worked for large international organizations and corporations such as the United Nations, Halliburton/KBR, or DynCorp, he was stationed for twenty years working in areas consumed by ferocious civil wars in Bosnia and Serbia or the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. He is an author who lived and worked in 4 continents and witnessed 4 wars, walking the paths of his characters, therefore being able to turn his extensive experience into inspirational and instructive fiction and non-fiction narratives.

Saikovski's novels are telling stories about paradoxes of the modern world where evil reigns while chivalry yet survives and he writes only based-on-true-events stories which have it all, a powerful blend of real-life situations and crime thriller, shaking family experience and shocking war and political drama.

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