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Monday, June 29, 2020

Featured Indie Book: A Tracker's Tale (Karen Avizur)

A Tracker's Tale (Karen Avizur)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Urban Fantasy Novel A Tracker's Tale by Karen Avizur.

A Tracker's Tale is about A Psychic FBI agent and her new probie work supernatural cases in Los Angeles. Welcome to the strange and perilous world of Katherine Colebrook: FBI special agent, Los Angeles… Trackers Division.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 275 pages - released in March 2018.

About the Book

In Katherine’s world, werewolves, vampires, pĂșcas, and other parasapien species – forced for centuries by human fear and prejudice to live at the fringes of society – have finally come out of hiding to demand their rightful place alongside us. Within the FBI’s unit that handles parasapien cases, the Trackers division, Katherine Colebrook is one of the best. Her psychic abilities made her a natural, allowing her to move between the parasapien and human worlds in ways that no other agent could. But Katherine’s calling hasn’t come without struggle and losses along the way.

As a single mother, she must contend with her teenage daughter, Alexandra, who not only shares Katherine’s psychic abilities, but seems determined to follow the same dangerous path as her mother. And so, when Katherine’s latest assignment threatens to bring that danger too close home, she finds herself faced with the toughest challenge of her career:

Can she protect her daughter’s life, while battling a ruthless adversary who’ll stop at nothing to destroy her?

A Tracker's Tale (Karen Avizur)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Katherine is a likable character. Her personality made it easy to connect with her. Plus, she's human and has a lot of traits that make her a hero. Her partner is interesting to follow as well. He makes some of the crappy and worse situations seem like typical police work. Katherine's daughter is also a psychic just like her mom which adds to this paranormal plot.
Karen Avizur has created a new series that I would recommend to all. Suspense, danger, and mystery all wrapped up in one great package. Plus, the mother-daughter bond is fun to read. A dash of humor, politics, and crime are also found inside this book. Plenty of action that kept me reading.[...]"
- Danielle Urban

- "Avizur has created an intriguing character in Katherine Colbrooke. This book is a good introduction to the alternate universe that Colbrooke inhabits. We get to see her special skills and special relationship with her daughter (who I can't wait to read more about in future books!). This will be a great adventure that you won't want to put down." - J. Prohaska

- "Excellent, very interesting and well written book!" - Ed in NY (amazon)

- "I have read this book and enjoyed it. I think if you read it you will enjoy it too. It reminds me of the Dresden Files, but if Dresden were a lady. A lady psychic with a teenage daughter. [...]" - Washer (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Karen Avizur
Author Karen Avizur
Karen Avizur grew up on Long Island, New York and ended up in Orlando, Florida, with stops in Connecticut, West Virginia, and Los Angeles along the way.

She's been writing stories since she was twelve years old. In those early days, she discovered it was impossible to keep up with her thoughts by writing longhand, and ended up borrowing a 7-pound laptop from her dad, quickly honing her typing skills.

After graduating film school, Karen moved to Los Angeles, where she worked as a film editor for several years while also pursuing her writing. "I was taught that a film editor is really the final-draft screenwriter. It's true," she notes. "I'd written much of Trackers as separate short stories over the years, but being an editor helped me see how to weave those stories together into novel form."

Karen now lives in Florida with lazy dog Ginger and still keeps a hand in editing for special clients.

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A Tracker's Tale (Karen Avizur)

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