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New Indie Book Release: Murtairean. An Assassin's Tale (Jenn Lees)

New Indie Book Release:
Murtairean. An Assassin's Tale - Jenn Lees
Fantasy Romance (139 Pages - November 2019)

Murtairean: Sword fighting, magic, an assassin with exceptional abilities, a gutsy warrior-woman, and an attraction thwart with complications, Murtairean is an action-packed fantasy that will draw you into the world of Dál Cruinne.

About the Book

Murtairean. An Assassin's Tale (Jenn Lees)
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Bent on revenge for her parents’ murder, Leyna travels to a hit where assassins gather, intending to find and kill the one who ruined her life. But she discovers her travelling companion is more than he seems when their pasts come crashing together.

Leyna, now a warrior-woman and high-end thief, turned her back on her title of Lady Leynarve of Monsae after her parents’ assassination.

Vygeas, a mercenary and assassin, has the gift of heightened perception, allowing him to sense his opponents’ emotions and anticipate their every move.

But the once peaceful world of Dál Cruinne, a land of clan kings, lords and sages, warriors and mages, is on the verge of all-out war as Lord Ciaran stirs up trouble with his plans to take High Kingship of the land for himself.

Sickened by the warmongering, Vygeas awaits execution for desertion from Lord Ciaran’s army. But Lord Ciaran gives Vygeas one final task to ensure his freedom—kill a mark and avoid the gallows.

Unaware of Vygeas’ trade, Leyna hitches a ride with this handsome sell-sword with exceptional abilities. Vygeas realises he has encountered the beautiful and capable Leyna’s family before…on a previous hit.
Drostan, a powerful sorcerer-mage in Lord Ciaran’s service, granted Vygeas his special gift years ago. Vygeas sacrificed all he loved to gain it. An old grudge against Vygeas, sitting deep in Drostan’s heart, resurfaces as he pursues Lady Leyna under Lord Ciaran’s orders.

Leyna and Vygeas combine their skills to thwart Drostan’s attempts to capture Lenya and destroy Vygeas.

Fighting their joint foes without, and battling their torments within, Vygeas and Leyna discover the truth that could destroy their newly forged relationship.

Will they allow their past to define them, or can they leave it behind and discover all they could be?

About the Author

Author Jenn Lees
Author Jenn Lees
Jenn Lees writes time travel in a dystopian future Earth and beautiful but damaged fantasy worlds in the midst of conflict. Where heroes, blissfully ignorant of their potential, rise to the challenges before them.

An Australian writer, she has traveled extensively and lived on three continents. Scotland remains her source of inspiration.
Jenn loves walking through a forest and climbing a mountain to experience the view.

Her only disappointment in life is that time travel is not possible...apparently.

Jenn’s favorite reads are fantasy stories.

Murtairean: An Assassin’s Tale is an introduction to the Dál Cruinne Series. Jenn also authored the Community Chronicles Series, which is a dystopian, time travel romance blend set in Scotland. Jenn is currently working on Book 4.

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