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New Indie Book Release: Wild Hare (Laura Koerber)

New Indie Book Release:
Wild Hare - Laura Koerber
Dystopia / Magical Realism (171 Pages - June 2019)

Wild Hare is about Bobby Fallon, the main character, who is half-human and half-wild hare forest spirit. When he has to raise money to get a friend out of jail, he inadvertently becomes an agent of change and chaos.

"Wild Hare is magical realism dystopian novel set against a backdrop of global climate change and political realities that are a logical extension of contemporary conservatism. The novel is not preachy, however. The tone is set by the first sentence, “The world is coming to an end, but my personal life is okay, I guess.” [...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Wild Hare (Laura Koerber)
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It's 2032, the US is a one-party kleptocracy, and climate change has set the forests of Wisconsin on fire. In the small town of Bear Lake, the local police force, which has been privatized to an anti-immigrant militia, is hosting a visit from the area's Congressman as part of a national celebration of capitalism.

Bobby Fallon, a small time criminal and the owner of a funky resort, and is only half human. His mother was a forest spirit of the wild hare clan and the guardian of a remnant of old growth forest. Bobby inherited the responsibilities of guardianship along with his mother's special non-human attributes: He can fly, he can affect other people's thinking, and he can enter and leave at will "fairy time," or life in a different plain of existence.

Bobby leads a double life, sometimes mixing with the regular humans of Bear Lake but mostly hanging out with the water spirits and coyote tricksters of the woods. He knows that the whole planet is in trouble, and knows that disaster in the form of fire could come to his part of the world any day, but he tries to keep his focus on his own life and tend to his own business.

That changes when his best friend Arne is jailed for unpaid speeding tickets, and Bobby has to raise the money for bail. Using fair means and foul to raise the money, Bobby becomes, inadvertently, an agent of change and chaos beyond his own expectations.

About the Author

Author Laura Koerber
Author Laura Koerber
Laura Koerber is a writer and artist and lives with her husband and family of dogs on an island in Puget Sound. Her first book, The Dog Thief and Other Stories, was listed in Kirkus Review as one of the One Hundred Best Indy Publications of 2015. Since then, she has written two more novels and a nonfiction book.

The non-fiction book, I Once Was Lost but Now I'm Found, is an account of the rescue of 127 dogs from the notorious Olympic Animal Sanctuary, an effort that took a year and involved protests, assaults, arrests, and lawsuits before the dogs were finally liberated on Christmas Day.

Her second novel, Limbo, is a fantasy about a dead teenager who decides to throw a neighborhood block party for her small corner of the afterlife. Publisher's Weekly described Limbo as "a slow, captivating exploration of life, death, and the place of kindness and forgiveness in the salvation of the spirit."

Eclipse Dancer, her third novel, is the first in a planned quartet featuring interactions between nature spirits and ordinary life. The nature spirits are loosely based on a combination of Native American spirituality and the fairies of Northern European tradition. A winner of an honorable mention in the 2019 Readers' Views Literary contest, Eclipse Dancer earned this praise from reviewer S.L. Hoyte: "Combining elements of fantasy with hard-core human issues, many relevant in today’s world, Koerber takes the reader on a magical journey as down-to-earth as it is out-of-this-world...The author has an extraordinary talent for transporting the reader directly into her story. Her voice is distinct and rich with tones both inviting and unsettling at the same time. And, while the author excels at getting inside the heart and soul of her readers, the connection garnered by what remains unsaid is remarkable. The writing is descriptive and artistic, without being flowery or overdone, and leaving just enough room to incorporate snippets of one’s own imagination. Some things are just not taught and Koerber’s writing is one of those things–she has a gift."

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